August 8th, 2004

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They didn't change it much though ~:|"
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Fire - phoenix flame
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You know you're an adult, when...


"You know you're an adult when...

Your conversations at the grocery store no longer involve ice cream, Cool Whip, or Kool-Aid and become...

"It's a little more expensive, but if we're going to buy a five pound block, we should probably get the colby jack and not the mozzarella, because it's a far more versatile cheese." "

(from meg)
get me off this bloody rock

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Yeah, see, this has been bugging me for a few days. Do armed robbers ever really wear ladies' hosiery over their heads, or does that only happen in the movies? Or if it does happen in real life, does it happen only because they've seen it on TV? Was there ever a real person first to do it, and what on earth possessed him to put pantyhose on his head? If there was a real person who did it first, then my theory is this: either he or his significant other was a great big freak. And I mean that in the best, most supportive way possible. Power to the freaks. Yeah.
-- ciceqi, here.
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Beast facepalm

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Taken from boho's journal.

Conversation with the family:
Mother: Oooh Jason and the Argonauts is on later.
Freddy: What’s that?
Me: *explains*
Freddy: Oh, so that’s where Hercules comes from.
Father: Huh?
Freddy: Like they did Cheers and then Frasier, they did this and then Hercules. A spin-off.
Mother: *dead*
Father: *dead*
Me: *dead*

ETA: Taken from ewacat's LJ this time.

ME: I feel so swindled. I want a STORM damnit. I DEMAND one. It ISN'T FAIR that other people have a storm and I DON'T. GIVE ME A STORM, DAMN YOU SKY.
DAD: :O!
ME: Leave the offerings and sacrifices outside my door, I'm off to start my cult of worship as I am evidently an all-powerful goddess.
DAD: Don't let it go to your head or anything.
ME: No. I am humble and modest. And I could kill you with my pinky finger.
DAD: Oh, do I tremble.
ME: Thank you, I do try.
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And yes, I can hear you now, saying 'But Mary, I need another fandom/character like I need a hole in the head'. Well, listen smart guy, if you didn't have holes in your head you wouldn't be able to see or hear or eat nachos or breathe, so... yeah. You need this like you need nachos! My powers of logic are flawless, and you should all buy me candy. - sharpest_rose here.

If anyone deserves candy, it's her.
faust would have bargained away his soul
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frazzles talking about a BBQ last night:

Best moment of the evening? When Jonny picked up some of the foam off his beer and wiped it on Stuart. To which Mags said, "Haha! Jonny just gave him head!" *g*

Sidenote: We is dorks, who quote each other quoting other people too much.
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springtime the pony

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croaky, here:

It is a good thing I long ago gave up trying to be normal by usual society standards, or it is likely I would have been severly weirded out by the fact that I am seeing a bunch of little cloaked tuberats dance to 80's raegge pop in my head. Party party.


And acciojosh, quoting his friend Katie:

Arachnaphobes run away screaming when they see spiders — so shouldn't we call people who are antagonistic towards gays 'assholes' instead of 'homophobes'?