August 6th, 2004

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!

From bumbled. Protected entry, used with permission.

My sister just made a sunny side up egg. It smells horrible. Oh, bless her little heart. She'll prolly get hepatitis.


And one from bizarremoose.

I think it's sad that the highlight of my day yesterday was a salad... It was quite the salad though. Oh jesus, I must restrain myself from listing all of the glorious attributes of said salad. *Smacks self*

But but, I did put on 80's music when no one was home last night really really loud, put on socks and slid around my house a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. But not like, sans pants or anything. Lots of windows here...
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From ginmar, who's serving in the military in Iraq. Go read her LJ!

I've bitched before about how limited the press coverage is. I mean, I don't get to watch CNN that often, but every time I do, am I the only person in the world who notices that either Baghdad has a lot of identical huge mosque domes, or else the reporters keep using the same establishing shot over and over again?

We're a fairly large post here, and we've never had reporters here, despite the substantial ruins, the mass grave just recently discovered here, and presence a few weeks ago of Zarqawi. There's never been a reporter here.

So here's a quiz. Test your knowledge about Iraq. No looking this stuff up. I trust you guys, but just answer off the top of your heads.

I wish that were my name.

i am sad that i never got to go to camp. here are my top 3 reasons why:

3. i didn't get to go on fun hiking/camping/canoeing trips. maybe i would like the outdoors more if i had.
2. i didn't get to, like, conquer my fears and shit like that.
1. i didn't get to have my first kiss with an italian guy named Bonono.

-caracoop, here
Random - Trippy Colours

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My mother isn't an alcoholic or an addict of any drug, but I find she uses her religion the same way others use those types of things. Everything in her life revolves around her religion - and while in reality her life isn't in danger from stupid actions while high or drunk, it is in danger from me clocking her the next time she tells me I'm going to hell if I don't convert.

--serawench in this comment to champion.
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spectacular is rambling as usual, this time about why she hates Adult Swim:

Because, really, it's entirely the network's fault and not mine at all that I'm, for some twisted and unexplained reason, yearning for a time when I wore hats with cat ears on them and called everything "kawaii desu ne!" No, I am better than that. I say "bloody," "sod," and "wanker," and buy over-priced house scarves whilst lusting after underage British school boys, and reading way too much into absofuckinglutely everything they do. OMG HARRY IS HAVING A STARING CONTEST WITH ZACHARIAS. IT'S TRUE LOVE. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "CHILDREN'S BOOK"? Man. Fangirls don't change. They just change fandoms. Ignoring paragraph breaks is fun.
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Quoted with permission from the talented president poet elsibeth

If I were the president, one bright dawn,
I'd dance about bare on the Whitehouse lawn!
I'd dance about bare, and I'd promenade nude;
and the whole wide world would really get screw'd!


in my tree
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


From black_cat125, from a locked post quoted with permission.

FYI, Yoh and Hao are twins from an anime called Shaman King.

Hao says:
[;_; you're so mean to your onii-chan!]

Yoh says:
(>P its not my fault he has a problem with MOLESTING people)

Hao says:
[it's self-love! that's all!]

Hao says:
[twincest is a form of self-love!]

Yoh says:

Yoh says:

Hao says:

Yoh says:
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jesus of suburbia


these are some favourites taken from a debate i was having with supercow36 from here

supercow36I'm a tolerant person--as long as it doesn't cross my personal beliefs. I'm not okay with gay marriage just the same as I'm not okay with murder and rape--not that one is more worse than the other--but that they are all sins of the heart against God.
freakbymistakefunny how a person can contradict themselves in so many ways... all in a few short words...
its dictionary time...
Tolerate: Allow an existance or occurance without authoritative interference
Tolerant: Disposed to tolerate others or their acts or opinions
i dont think i need to say more...


supercow36Something that so many US presidents have prided themselves in is being able to embody the ideals and morality of the family.
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Refreshingly honest

treeskin, talking about the knitting she's been doing while working today, and speculating about the possibility of skipping work tomorrow said here:

May switch to the sock for the second tank of water...I could have the heel done that way, and make decent progress on the leg of the sock.

Half thinking about calling in sock tomorrow.
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Mr. Post-It Note and Ms. Ballpoint Pen

My dearest friend seidoo_ryuu ranting about a co-worker:

"Did I neglect to mention that she has asked ALL THREE of the other support staff this SAME QUESTION now, and it STILL hasn't sunk in? Hello, I'd like to introduce you to my good friends Mr. Post-It Note and Ms. Ballpoint Pen. They make beautiful music together. After that, I'll introduce you to Lady Swingline, so you can staple the note to your friggin' forehead and never have to ask that stupid question, ever again!"

alchmst says,

On being dragged to a "chick flick":

I have spent the last hour of my captivity searching for something sharp....anything....anyTHING BUT IT'S ALL SOFT AND VELVETY

From a locked post, with permission.