July 31st, 2004

springtime the pony

Momentary lapse of intelligence


Got a book out of the library, yesterday, because I recognised the author's name.

Thought I recognised author's name because someone whose opinions I respect had recommended them.

Realised, later, that I had actually recognised author's name because, earlier that day, a guy in the bookshop had been warning someone else about the sex scenes.


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lekythen's had a bad day...

"I've had a lousy day. So lousy that I've decided to give up my career as an artist and take up the mantle of super-villain. I mean, I read comics, I know what to do, and besides, I've got the evil laugh down pat. So I went to the small shop, and bought myself a Hostess Fruit Pie. Sadly, no-one thwarted me. I deliberately squished an ant on the way back, without even the provocation of it being in the house. Ha-ha! I used a deadly sling-shot to take out a poor wee squirrel, but I missed. Doubtlessly that's the reason no jammie-clad superhero came to stop me. My aim sucks."

See...this is where I think it all fell apart...she BOUGHT the Hostess Fruit Pie, of course no superhero's going to stop that...I seem to recall the villians in the comics always STOLE the fruit pies...often by the armored truck load.
Moira fucking MacTaggert

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From ice_23, on how to get around the difficulty of getting a fanbase and cranking out novels when writing professionally:

I know! Let's all become the first Conglomerate Author! You know, like the Planeteers.


With your powers combined... I am CAPTAIN AUTHOR!
britta guns - shelightsupwell

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When life gets you down - make systems and rules for people to follow with cruel punishments to be carried out in case of breach of those rules. Thus have I done so. Because of my increasing trauma following my current employment at Burger King, I have deemed it the fault of everyone I know. Observe the following:

First and Foremost: The level of complaining about one's employment on this journal comes from a slow and steadily growing insanity brought on by shitty wages and violent, white-trash co-workers. Therefore I and only I am aloud to complain about my job. There will be no further complaining about jobs unless it is drenched in sugar-covered sympahty about how said complainer's job sucks just as much. No more, no less - exactly as much suckage as MY job produces. Therefore, if said complainer's wages and hours are far better or far suckier than mine, and said complainer makes a complaining remark about said wages and hours...

...they will be promptly hit thrice over the face with the nearest thing resembling or playing the role of a lead pipe. This does not include working holidays and weekends.
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icon abi

"...I want your fishies to meet my water!"

freakin hilairious!

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(irytethawrong) wrote in all_icons,
@ 2004-08-01 00:30:00


Will someone *please* make me this icon?? I would do it myself but my animator leaves a yellow thing in the corner... Please hlep me, it's fairly easy....

Alright, first I need this pic 100x100 and on the top right corner going down, in a red cute little font say "Mike, I want your fishies" then i would like it to FADE into this pic 100x100 and on the bottom going to the right, in the same red font i would like it to say "to meet my water!"

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