July 25th, 2004

SPN impala highway 2 nowhere

Unclear on the concept?

I might be the only one who found this funny...however:
Everyone PLEASE join this community I made!!!


It is a community for unique people and I want a lot of members!


--thx4noticinme in the britishboys community. Posted without permission.
Mods feel free to delete...I just...couldn't stop laughing at it and thought it'd been posted in metaquotes when I first read it...
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nom de coeur

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From here, fire_and_a_rose muses on her household's booze supplies:

We have a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. I didn't realize we had so much. Because, dude. I could make a castle out of bottles of alcoholic beverages and play in it and I could be Queen of the Dying Liver.
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PR || Cosmos

Ah, weddings.

The wedding banquet included a karaoke machine that projected onto a big video screen. Visuals were set to looped stock footage mode of, among other things, military jets and European cities. Right.

People crooned a few Taiwanese songs, a little Elvis, and then the machine was set to play your classic wedding processional music. Which it did. Accompanied by footage of a Coast Guard vessel plunging through heavy surf, waves breaking over its bow.

Here comes the bride
All dressed in white

(Earlier in the footage, a crewman pulled out a human dummy out of nowhere and threw it overboard. The boat then kept on going.)

The machine then segued into another standard wedding tune, this one accompanied by footage of a little boy punching a goat.

--tom_kiper (The whole thing is equally funny)
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Saddam Hussein.

From mishalaa,
A True Leader

You know who's looking good these days? Saddam Hussein. All slimmed down, nice distinguished beard replacing his cheesy moustache, clean suit in lieu of his Wile E.Coyote, red militia soldier-boy uniform he always used to appear in. And he seems raring to go, already talking circles around the judge at his trial.

Man, this guy should run a country or something.

Found here.

the curse of the disappearing CD's

Courtesy of ldymusyc, on the problem of where your cds actually end up:

They've escaped!
I've got approximately eighty-three thousand jewel cases on my computer desk. Five of them have cds inside. I am forced to assume that, not unlike lemmings, all of the cds have wandered to the edge of the desk, looked over to see what was on the floor, and accidently jumped to their deaths.

*examines floor*

Nope. Not there.

*examines top of computer boxen and top of computer hutch*

Slytherin legos, statue of Bast, Secret Spells Barbie (shutup!). Definite lack of cds.

*stares suspiciously at cat*

Y'know, I don't think even SHE could eat all the cds.

They've run away. That's the ticket. They've all gone to the Great Escape for the weekend. They'll all come back Sunday night with sunburns and those little glow necklaces that only work as long as you're actually IN the amusement park and wet money because you know they're all stupid enough to go on log flumes without emptying their pockets.

Damn you, cds. Damn you!

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What is it about the Stargate fandom that attracts the weirdest fanfic scenarios known to mankind?

Like AU's where Jack's a crazy fisherman who finds Daniel in a river and adopts him, or Daniel and Jack clean a horse together and realise true love. Or General Hammond has sekrit gay son who he tries to get Jack to set up with Daniel but naturally, Daniel and Jack find True Love(tm). Or: Collapse )
--slashygood, here.  The whole post amuses, as do the comments on other strange AUs.
Film reel

Talking straws and Barbie orgies.

Yes, I held intelligent conversations with straws. You have no idea what they say behind the juice box's back. "Those Mott's quotes," one huffed, "they're complete bunk. Eleanor Roosevelt never said that." Then I'd be frightened that straws were unearthing conspiracies, so I'd go play with my Barbies and try to ignore the fact that there were about 30 Barbies and 2 Kens. I was introduced to orgies early in my life.


The EULA of Doom!!!

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[me] less revealing than you think
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They so can't be for real

FirePhile: *shock*
FirePhile: oh my god...I just found this line on a lj from a fic: He sighed. In his hand, her breast was a little tamed animal, trustful, confident, claiming for more fondling
move in jade: O.O
move in jade: holy shit
FirePhile: That's just...is there words?
move in jade: freaky?
FirePhile: Terrible?
FirePhile: Godawful.Painful?
move in jade: yes to all of the above
FirePhile: Unsexy as hell?
move in jade: yes, im picturing a breast like a bunny
FirePhile: awwww cute breast
move in jade: with little wiggly ears
FirePhile: and a little pink nose.
FirePhile: like the velveteen rabbit

--shadowofdoubt and catch22girl in the comments of cherryscott's post. posted with permission