July 24th, 2004


The Sickness is insidious.

Posted by arashikami while discussing hypocrisy, which he refers to as "The Sickness":

Or doing what I (and many others) do. Ranting in our LJ’s as an alternative to action. Like bitching about people who insist on talking on their mobile phones while driving. Instead of lobbing Molotov Cocktails in their general direction.
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From the lovely elynne:

C&A (who do not have a LiveJournal) have an indeterminate number (N) of ferrets (N > 1). They claim that N = 2; most everybody else (including people who have seen the ferrets in question) claim N = *or* > 3. I suspect that ferrets have an irrational value.

This post.
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agent may is unimpressed

On the things in life that get you down

WOE! WOE IS THE DAMAGE DONE UNTO ME! My boss didn't smile back at me when we passed each other in the hall, I lost my band aid that was on my toe, there were kids in the store that were being annoying, the picture frame I wanted wasn't mountable, there are parts of me that are sticky from doing girly things that aren't becoming de-stickied, Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't died yet, it's a few degrees hotter than I would like, I have a huge bruise on my hip from displaying my mad hula hoop skills, my huge bruise grew because I revisted my hula hoop skills, I can't buy K.I.T.T., my ultra cool Hank action figure with mad scientist grip isn't here yet, I want pretty shoes and can't afford them, and some people still think Jennifer Lopez is interesting. WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL?

--mice could use some cheering up
I am a girl of the future

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From dredre, one of my little cousin's friends. I thought it was oddly poetic, kind of like e e cummings.

hey guys
my computer is not functioning and/or yes

karens party was a ;0

oh you,
why is this so not nice
for neither one
i dont know there is nothing that can be done
Willow by 'Lothy'
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sigsauer40 buys the The Sims

So, from a locked post by sigsauer40, quoted with permission, is the wonderful story of the life of a crappy, creepy SIMS family.

Get it home, put it in, and I build my first home. It was horrible. It had two rooms. A tiny little kitchen and a huge living room. Only problem is, there were three people in this family. So they all had beds in the living room, and the bathroom was also in the kitchen. The neighbors were just walking in to the house because I ran out of money and one wall was not completed. So the house had three and a half walls and no roof. But it had a door, dammit!

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The unfairly witty and fabulous suicideally on her plans for the evening:

"Tonight I am dressed as a pirate princess. For no particular reason. As your mama said, if in doubt, dress as a pirate, or something.

Going to Club Bohemia for a little while at least (though I'm rather fatigued and may just drink soft drinks, see Devant, say "yarr", address people as "me hearties" and get the last bus home... now I've said this I will undoubtedly end up on crack and meths in a gutter). "

Oh yeah... been there...

nainami describes her day working for the evil known as Walmart.

Manager:Ho ho ho, with that new store being built we lost half our staff.
Asst.Manager:Shouldn't we hire some new people?
Manager:Nonsense, ho ho ho, 15 people can easily do the work of 40!
Asst.Manager:But aren't we losing money because of upset customers?
Manager:ho ho ho - that doesn't matter in another year we'll be a super center!
Asst.Manager:But... won't we need even MORE people then?
Manager:Nonsense - more for less -that's the Wal-Mart way
Asst.Manager:Of course! How could I forget. *beats associates that walk by with smiley ball volley ball*

Read the whole post... we've all had one these days. Methinks Walmart employees have them quite often. ^_^()
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Paragraph love!

From pottersues.

Paragraphs want to be your friend. In fact, Paragraphs have harboured a secret crush on you for years, watching you go about your daily life and wishing they could be a part of it. They write love letters to you, but aren't brave enough to send them. They imagine meeting you over and over, but can somehow never work up the nerve to make it happen. They want to be close to you, but they're afraid you'll reject them.

Don't be so cruel, Sue Authors. Don't ignore them. Don't push them away. Welcome Paragraphs into your heart. Get to know them. Come to love them. I promise you, it'll be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. You'll wonder what you ever did before they came into your life.

Don't let Paragraphs waste away alone with their unrequited passion. They love you, Sue Authors, and I know you can love them back. You can give this story a happy ending... together.
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This one from my flist just appealed to me somehow.

taimatsu: *sends tactful message in friends-locked entry (quoted with permission)*

yvesilena: Wow.

Now I know why there are so many tactless people in the world. It's because YOU ATE ALL THE TACT. In fact, when the angels were dishing out tact, they spilled the whole damn BUCKET of tact over you, and everyone else just caught the splashes. :)

This is masterly. I can't believe you took the time and thought to write something like that, to someone whose presence upsets you, at a time like this. You are seriously impressive. :):)

taimatsu: After a massively stressful evening, you have just made me feel very happy. I really needed that laugh. Thank you :)

(I have this weird image of myself tucking into a whole heaped plate of TACT. It looks rather like mashed potato.)