July 22nd, 2004

phallic symbols

When fandoms collide

Naturally it got me thinking about how [Babylon 5] would work as an anime. It occurred to me that the whole Londo/G'Kar plotline would actually play quite well as yaoi, if you turned our beloved protagonists into bishonen. (Londo could even keep the hair - it's no weirder than Vash's.) They're aliens, so they wouldn't have to be ridiculously young, just ridiculously pretty.

Considering the matter further, I declared Londo the uke on the basis of height and Dust to Dust. (That kind of thing happens to ukes all the time.) Then I realised that Londo would actually be one of those universal uke types, pursued by every seme within a thousand mile radius. His seduction by the various dark forces would just become literal rather than metaphorical! Bishonen!Londo would have Morden, Refa and Cartagia all trying to get into his pants (well, waistcoat - we're talking Centauri here) even though the audience would know he really belonged with G'Kar. The angst and drama would stay more or less the same, and there'd be way more gay sex.

Why, Cartagia is practically one of those disturbing anime psychotic types already! Except he'd give Londo G'Kar's eye as a courting gift.
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From [Unknown LJ tag]...

teruhiko: I love how [gollumgirl] made an LJ account just to insult 'the flamers.' She even has deleterius as a member. Well, if she wants to insult us she'd better get her skates on, 'cause there's over 1,000 of us.
kcountess: Heh. Why am I suddenly thinking of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged? :-)
jamac: She's going to insult us ALL, PERSONALLY and in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. *snerk*
sack_religious: But most of them can't spell for beans, how would they come after us alphabetically? Would they come after us phonetically?

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thebratqueen talks about gardening:

"The peppers remain green, which perturbs me because theoretically at some point they're supposed to stop doing that, and I'm not sure if I was supposed to do something to help them. I don't know what I would do to help them, but I'd like to be a good pepper mommy. Assuming that one day they'll forgive me my eventual cannibalism."
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"You put your right leg in,"
(That's even worse!)
"you put your right leg out"
(Are my legs actually dirty?)
"you put your right leg in, and you shake it all about,"
(Ooh! Goosebumps!)
"you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about!"
(Okay, dancing one legged in the shower is NOT the safest thing I've ever done...)

skeadsighe invents the cold shower hokey pokey.. More shivering giggles here
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