July 17th, 2004


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Sam's Quasi-English lessons, part one ^_^

Sam: It's cold in here.
Mum: Oh, yeah, I forgot to close it...it was hot, before.
Sam: Yes, but why did you close the room - the door... the WINDOW! Third time lucky - what I meant to say, was, you closed the, the WINDOW to the room that you weren't even in! ...opened, OPENED the door! I mean the window! ...whatever."

- glittersavvy

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From peterdavidblog, about Lancelot being in the "King Arthur" movie:

But I also know that Lancelot didn't enter the mythos until about six centuries later, when the French crowbarred him in. I mean, naturally: He's better and stronger than any other knight, he's so irresistable that the queen cuckolds her husband for him, and of course he's French. He's like a medieval Lieutenant Mary Sue.
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first post ^^

from a locked post from kitanaor... actually it's her entire post, fyi

Me: You guys want to watch Daredevil---OW!!
James: I know there's a Daredevil movie; I'm not so sure about "Daredevil OW".
Me: Most people would ask if I was OK!
James: Well, you're obviously OK enough to slug me in the arm.

Edit: quoted with permission. ^^;