July 13th, 2004

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In a discussion of religion in SG-1:

stexgirl2000: Lilith got the shaft big time in Jewish Folklore. I mean, being designated a demoness who steals kids just because she wanted to have sex on top with Adam? (That's just ONE explanation.)

She got shafted, so she should have have people thinking she is roxxors.

nostalgia_lj: Yes, but she got shafted in the wrong position, which is clearly worth eternal damnation, yo.
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Quoted from this post by splix:

It was one of those awful logic/word problem/syllogism/spatial relations tests - you know, with questions like:

"Eve is older than Clara. Clara is younger than Ewan. Ewan is on a bike trip with Charley. Charley accidentally cut Ewan's pinky finger off with his Swiss army knife. What color are Ewan's panties?"

And I'm sitting there going "...the Beatles!"
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Claim communities are great. From a thread of me and a friend at claim_arthur:

sinister_beauty: Hey. I'd like to claim: The Guinevere/Arthur ship, the Arthur/Lancelot Ship, Guinevere's thigh, and Lancelot's pimp grin.
shecrows: Sorry, hon, you can only claim three at most (providing you have a link in your userinfo; two without it). Which of those would ya like?
sinister_beauty: Bah, sorry forgot. Em...sljhjfh I'll take the slash, the het, and the thigh, I guess. Oh, and a side of cole slaw, too.
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Maybe I shouldn't be singing this song, ranting and raving and carrying on...

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sclerotic_rings points out the problem posed by antifreeze poisoning (particularly of pets):

As expected, the cynical yet concise narrator at Daily Rotten sums up the situation: "Why hasn't the antifreeze industry spiked their product with bitterant? Oh, right: that would add pennies to the unit cost." I guess we're just going to have to wait for some rich kid, preferably a member of a US Senator's or Representative's family or that of a major campaign contributor, to die of antifreeze poisoning before anything gets done, right?

srallen asks: Can we make suggestions?

The first man (AFAIK) to have an Anamalocaris user icon replies:

I refuse to make suggestions, if only because I don't want to have my parents see pictures of me on the Internet being led around naked with a dog collar while rednecks from West Virginia point cigarettes and laugh. If that sort of shit happens, I should be given the opportunity given to every Congressional family member to pay for that kind of abuse.
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Ginmar Gets Her Rant On

Dear Bill Gates: You suck more than a cheap hooker on Bourbon Street. So does Hotmail. You suck so bad that a blowjob from you would result in a lobotomy. You have all those fucking billions and I can't download my fucking email. I've been trying for two fucking hours. I hate you.

and in a later update:

My 1St Sgt has just informed me, in reference to my ranting about all of the above, that "There are no cheap hookers on Bourbon Street."

Gotta set the record straight.

I feel so much better.

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Communists, college, and candy

weredonut explains political parties here:

One thing which amuses me is the names of political parties. In Australia we have the National party, who are mostly national. We have the Liberal party who aren't really liberal. And the Labour party who are divided between those who have performed labour, those who've been through labour, those who've done both and those who've done neither.

The UK have who? The Tories? Hopefully not a party full of Tori Spelling-like drag queens.

I think NZ has political parties called "We're cooler than John Howard over the Tasman there." and "Yes, so are we!" but I'm not sure.

The US has the Democrats (we have Democrats in Australia, too, but they're different in that they're not very effective, but I still vote for them because I hate the rest of the idiots) - who, I've always understood, by the name, to be specifically against Communism or Socialism. And the Republicans, who obviously are against a Constitutional Monarchy....

I'm going to form a political party called "People against idiots (especially those who drive 4WDs and never go out of the city), beige court shoes and bad coffee."


vaznetti one of the unexpected hazards of college here:

One of my Chicago professors reminded me strongly of John Munch, which made meeting with him rather difficult. I couldn't shake the feeling that his incisive comments on my work were really designed to get me to 'fess up to murder.


And finally, teenygozer on the newly renamed "Wonka's Sweetarts" here:

I am freaking out. What next? Wonka's Pixie Stix?!? Wonka's Now and Laters?!! That is just WRONG.


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Found via Fandom Wank on a thread on calnhobbes that has turned into a religious bru-ha-ha.

The troll inciting everything states Jesus was blue eyed and blonde haired, pure WASP despite the fact he was a middle eastern jew. He then posts a modern picture as photographic proof. 'Debate' explodes.

Best quote EVAH:

From munrock:

Jesus said he would come like a thief in the night, and being the son of God would mean he'd have to do it better than anyone else can, which means he must be a ninja, which means he's Japanese.
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thucyken writes her final essay:

First I apologized to my teachers and said I'd be writing a long one. I asked them not to say anything if that was okay. Then, since I hadn't heard anything, I continued. I related how I used to do that when I was praying as a kid: 'Hey, God, if I'm going to become a famous paleontologist, don't send me any kind of sign! Right now!.... All right, tyrannosaurus here I come!' And how, all things considered, my move to atheism could not be considered surprising.

And then somehow it got into a talk about how God might crush me with lemons for daring to bargain with him, and it all went downhill from there.
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Crack, and the travails thereof.

caprine, in my journal, discussing why certain writers/scriptwriters do what they do:

Normally they supply it to Buffy/Angel slashers for doing OMGWTFBBQ-that's-wrong pairing PWPs, but they have been known to show up, snappily dressed in their gold-braid-trimmed red velvet jackets and matching fezzes, rolling a wheelbarrow with an 80-pound rock of crack in it, at the homes of "legitimate" writers. Usually scriptwriters.
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"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the girl who lives on my corridor for all the hard work she's put into being irritating over the past year. Without the tireless effort she puts into singing loudly - loudly - about Jesus in the early hours of the morning, complete with loud hand-clapping and loud stamping of feet, I would never have been able to get so much reading done at 4am."

-- eye_of_a_cat
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