July 8th, 2004

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I know we're supposed to post off from other people's journals but I had this conversation with my best friend 7sin_hellion awhile ago and I couldn't help myself, I had to post it...we're both insane but I cracked up for about 4 days after we had this conversation.

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Don't hate me because I'm self indulgent and love making other people laugh...*sneaks off...sneakily*

P.S. For those of you who don't know...Queer as Folk is what this conversation was based around for the fact that me and Sin are huge fans and she'll agree, totally pathetic.
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From 7sin_hellion LJ...

To make up for breaking the rules on my last post...I offer you this sacrifice...Sin's over-obsessive fan dribble over Orlando Bloom. I love you dude but you're way too funny.

I ended up buying 2 magazines. Playstation and a magazine dedicated entirely to Orlando Bloom. I can't help myself. Really, I can't. He's a pretty, pretty drug. I want to have his puppies.
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semaphore27 has a great suggestion:

I saw a Jane Goodall special the other day, in which she talked about the two different species: one is large and ornery, fights a lot and does all those sorts of bad things that people tend to do. The other kind is smaller and gentler, and when they get a little stressed all they do is go and make sweet monkey love (well, Great Ape love, really, but you know what I mean). Do you think there's a lesson to be learned there?
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from astrosonya:

Public Mental Note

Be thankful you are so observant, else you would never have noticed that there was a dog testicle underneath that square of gauze on the surgery prep room floor.

Also, good job on figuring out what it was, considering it could've easily tricked you into thinking it was a grape.
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Norrington ice queen

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dkellis, here:

Somewhere, on a mysterious windy mountain plateau, a mysterious man waits with a mysterious purpose. Soon enough, he mysteriously receives a package from a mysterious courier. He mysteriously turns around, mysteriously misses his footing, and mysteriously falls to his mysterious death, while screaming mysteriously.

Mysteriously, that has nothing to with this post.

It is a mystery.
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PR || Cosmos

God, I miss college.

Found this little gem from ra_sar:

There are two really drunk eighteen-year-olds sharing the third floor with me. One (the one I am related to) informed me that no, she had not drunk the chocolate cake because it was banana bread. The other keeps leaving for the guestroom to go to bed but somehow ends up back in Liz's room again, asking if I know someone named Mike.
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From sextips

Hey. I have a few questions I was wondering if anyone could help me with =) I've only been having sex for about a year but I never seem to organism during sex. Is that normal? I've only had sex with my boyfriend (and one pervious guy.) I always feel like I am about to reach an organism but I never do. Is that normal, or is there any tips on how to make myself organism?

Also my boyfriend seems to organism too fast? Is there anything we could do you basically delay his organisms?

I worry about youth today.
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fear the spindoctoring

"FEAR! FEAR!!!! FEAARRRRRR! Vote for me. FEEEEAAAARRRRRR!!!!! national security. FEEEAR Baby!!!Duct tape. Feeeeaarrrrr! "
--whispersinink about a potential Al-Qaeda attack being made "in an effort to disrupt the democratic process" before November's elections,

And my further bitter commentary on the topic...

If you didn't see this coming, clap your hands.
If you didn't see this coming, clap your hands.
If you didn't see this coming
And the news just has you bumming
If you didn't see this coming, clap your hands.
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Sometimes Being Honest is the Best Way....

Posted a few days (weeks now?) in spiffythefaery's LJ.

Me: *locked in cave like room, studiously reading Wicked while half-heartedly working on a nothing Merry/Pippin fic*
Dad: *knocks... knocks again... comes in*
Me: What?
Dad: *mocking* What?
Me: *growl*
Dad: Watcha doin'?
Me: *writing* Playing soccer.
Dad: Are you winning.
Me: 2-1.
Dad: *pause* *twirls* Watcha writing?
Me: You know what I'm going to say.
Dad: 'Nothing'. You always say that. You're always writing. Tell me what your writing!
Me: A manifesto entitled "Seven Simple Steps to World Domination Using only a Tube Sock and a Half Empty Bottle of Shampoo".
Dad: Liar.
Me: A biography of Ross Perot.
Dad: Try again.
Me: *sigh* An epic gay adventure starring the hobbits Merry and Pippin from Lord of the Rings.
Dad: Fine. Don't tell me then. *leaves*
Me: *blink blink*

in this post: http://www.livejournal.com/users/spiffythefaery/50969.html?view=294169#t294169
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Glamour Model

More fun circus stories from eventhewaves

Recently, I was loaned Guido and his trained killer seal-bots. Normally, they're touring with Mme. Clouseau's Carnival of the Arcane Obscenity, but they're apparently wanted in Canada on some kind of mass-murder charge. So while she and her wide array of exotic, erotic, and enticing acts are off touring the Great White North, she foisted 'em off on me. Awfully nice of her, I think.

For the full story, which even (gasp!) has a moral, check out the actual entry.

From marniejh:

My brother and his friend decided to prank call me yesterday.


"Is your refrigerator working?"

"Uh... yes."

"... Oh."



"It's running, too."

"Well, you better go catch it!"