July 7th, 2004


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We all know about the Holy Trinity of the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and Holy Ghost (the spirit). But those guys are BORING. It is time for a new order: the Homo Trinity.

Oscar Wilde - The Father. As the originial pimp daddy, he only deserves the highest seat. Think of all the wonderful things he did and said! From his first witty line to his last words, he was just the awesomest.

Freddie Mercury - The Son. Freddie was put on this earth, simply, to gay and to bring the gay to others.

Rufus Wainwright - The Holy Ghost. His music is beautiful, touching, and heartfelt. Everyone can identify with Rufus's music and get something out of it. That's why he's the Holy Ghost--the spirit that ties the gay to one's soul.

I hope all of you decide to join our new faith, Gay as the Lord.

-- The ever amusing magicuddle <33

the HP dark side

helenish, in this comment:

Man, what did I ever see in Harry/Draco, ever-- H/R and all the other permutations of H/Hr/R makes for the best bundle of pairings ever.
I agree! Come over to the dark side!
Only in HP slash is the dark side the side where, you know, people are screwing their mortal enemies/people who hate them. Only in HP slash is the dark side all about cuddles.
like to kill (menacing)

Read this post, funniest thing EVER

Customer2: Hello! Instead of making the five steps needed to close the distance to a respectable one, I'm going to shout across the store and hope you realize I'm talking to you.

Me: I'm sorry, with the number of people in the store, I didn't come to that conclusion.

Customer2: Behold, I yell again!

From shigeo in this post about game store customers.

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Bad Things That Are Happening Right Now:

• Cramps. Are back. I hate my life.
• I joyfully see that jiffy_spiffy is online and double click to IM her and get this message: "jiffy_spiffy signed off at 3:36:10 AM." Because that's how much life hates me.
• I had six missed calls on my cellphone, which has accidently been on silent all night. Whoops >_<
• I keep dropping AppleJax. (AppleJacks? AppleJacx?)
• I have three e-mails in my inbox that I don't want to deal with because they are making me insecure and defensive and I don't like being that way.

Hm. That's a short list. Instead of being thankful that it's so short, I'm going to make up some other complaints so that people pity me.
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- pocky_slash
eek turtleshell ~obsessiveicons

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darth_spacey in a comment in this post:

In reading this community, I'm *amazed* by how often and how much Americans tip. It seems there's a rule for everything. Guy walking down the other side of the street sneezes? Buck fifty, maybe two if it was a good one.
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Dear Soul,

You services are not required this summer. As of 6/19/04 your replacement is bitterness and grease vapors. We have enjoyed working with you, and will contact you for further business ventures.

Sincerely Yours,
The Mngmt.

the lovely rainlights about working at McDonalds. From a locked post with permission...
PR || Cosmos

Complete idiots.

In response a Friendslocked post of mine (I've given myself permission, don't worry ...), about one of my web design clients, who calls to make sure I've gotten his e-mails (even after I send him receipts for every single one).

druzell: You should buy him a light bulb and mail it to him.
agermain: And then ask for a receipt.
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