July 6th, 2004

dancing indigo

His Kung Fu is Strong

Isn't he Sir Ian McKellan though? C'mon...that's like having your black belt in acting!

fmh on a thread in my LJ about That Woman having decided not to return for X3...and yes, they are replacing her. With someone who not only looks the part but can ACT!
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so today I went to vocational rehab (please don't ask) and they demanded to know exactly what it was that I wanted to do as a career.

me: "mortician"
her: "...anything else?"
me: "*thinks really hard* minister"
her: "*writes down mortician*"

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sunday in the sunset leaves


corialis discusses remodeling adventures and the way there:
I need to have everything off my floor and clear off every surface in my room by Friday.

"Well," you say, "that can't be
that difficult. Pick up a few things, maybe throw some things in boxes, possibly move a Rubbermaid bin into your bathroom, how hard can it be?"

And then I reply by throwing a book at your head. Because I've already got five billion of the stupid things lying around, so throwing some at people will be an easy solution to the fact that my books BREED like so many bunny rabbits on Viagra. They have secret booksex at night while I'm sleeping and because my room is such a rathole I don't notice their illegitimate children until I have to do something like clean up everything I own in 72 hours, and then I tear my hair out in frustration because I SWEAR I never owned this many books and how the hell have I progressed to two full bookshelves and in desperate need of a third?

(Full entry here. Sounds a bit like my room, in some areas.)
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it explains ALL

from an f-locked post by petronia:

I'm starting to think word count is determined by levels of an unidentified neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. (I'll call it stephenkingamine.) 1,300 words in a single night means I'm depleted the next day, done for no matter what I try. Some people, such as Stephen King or Neil "I just wrote 10,000 words while waiting for my plane to arrive, and I have time to blog!" Gaiman, have naturally high levels of stephenkingamine in their brains. The rest of us curse you! We only wish there were a Schedule 1 drug that causes the brain to flood with shiny word count molecules, even if it made our bladders explode when consumed in conjunction with alcohol! ...Or something.

I think I'll go have a gelato cone. If I can't bliss out through writing I can at least go the good old-fashioned route. XD
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uncanny insight

From warchio in an entertaining post here.

So....the Weapons of Mass destruction have now become, what? The Iraq wars version of Santa Claus or the Loch Ness monster?

No, strike that. People *have* pictures of the Loch Ness monster.
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I have searched my inner self for the last thirty seconds and have come to realize I have the spirit of a manatee.

Henceforth, I shall build a big tub, fill it with water, and wallow in it while eating salad and being adorable.

-kwanboa on childfree here.
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Yet another piece of political satire

From robling_t

The hit new reality show "Campaign 2004" returns from hiatus for a Very Special Episode: Senator Kerry has handed the decisive rose to the other celebrity lookalike from the campaign trail, and the happy couple are off on a whirlwind honeymoon. Rejected contestants are doing their best to plaster on grins as they wish the ticket well, but what we all wouldn't give to see outtakes from the video confessionals... Reaction from viewers at home is largely, "Meh, at least he picked the cute one, that Gephardt guy doesn't, like, have any eyebrows!"
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From an entry by katty, with permission -

Senator John Edwards is going to be Kerry's running mate... THANK GOD the rumors about Eachus were false *breathes*

But I still can't help associating that name with John Edward, that psychic that "delivers messages from the other side 8D"... think about it... he WOULD be a nifty running mate... just imagine Collapse )
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Seriously. Where did we weird humans get the idea that people respond better to modesty? Brag your head off! You fucking rule, I fucking rule, everyone fucking rules. I don't want to hear any more about how you did a great thing but you don't want a lot of attention for it. OF COURSE YOU DO! And you should have it.

We could have one hell of a society if all we did was brag and get compliments and then listen to bragging and give compliments. All day long.

An added bonus: once we've inflated our collective heads to the size of Volkswagens, I bet we'd be able to fly. Or at least float like balloons. DUDE. A society where we float like balloons and congratulate each other on it.

Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

We've been Hijacked

Quoted from hashire. Locked post, quoted with permission.

Me: *sitting at the counter, knitting and watching TV*
Dad: *at the computer* OMFG we've been hijacked!!1one
Me: *turns around and sees that someone has IMed me even though I'm away* That's my stuff.
Dad: Oh.
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