July 5th, 2004

Me loves teh linguini.

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Overheard on customers_suck, in a post from theartema:

What's worse is when the little kids invade, because they won't. shut. up. And they usually come in when we're busiest, so amidst orders for drinks and fudge, you get "ladyhowmuchisthis?" "howmuchisthis?" "whatisthis?" "MOMMYHOWMUCHISTHIS?!" "iwantalollynononNONONONONONO!!!"

And every time my uterus screams in agony.
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When late night inspiration strikes...

We start in the middle of things...

MGriff8645: sorry...I guess I should have added 'bad puns' to my interests list...
MugglebornSquib: I should say so.
MGriff8645: So, you're the only one in the bibliosexual community?
MugglebornSquib: It seems that way.
MugglebornSquib: But then again, it's not as if we go looking for companionship. It's not the 'done thing' to share partners, even if you've never read the book before.
MGriff8645: Hmmm...interesting, I'm not quite sure what that's all about...I figured it was people who kinda "just 'get off' on books"...is there something more I should know about?
MugglebornSquib: Well, let me see if I can find the link that started it all. ^_^
MGriff8645: Alrighty
MGriff8645: I went ahead and joined, nonetheless, because it sounds neat...
MugglebornSquib: http://www.livejournal.com/users/foreverdirt/129006.html
MGriff8645: Heh...I see now, I wonder what would be made of my habit of reading in the tub? I know I'm not the only one there...
MugglebornSquib: Maybe you ought to invest in a Jacuzzi.
MGriff8645: Yes and no...Yes, because I just love them so; No, because there's a good chance of getting the pages wet...
MugglebornSquib: Yeah. That's where you buy two copies of a book -- one for the bath.
MGriff8645: Maybe we need to start a specialty publishing service...one that prints on asbestos pages for the likes of you and the rapidreaders LJ community (which I meant to point out to you the other day...) and one that prints on plastic pages for tub readers...
MGriff8645: rapid tub readers need only to dunk a book that spontaneously combusts into the drink...
MugglebornSquib: I like it.
MGriff8645: I think there's a market out there...
MugglebornSquib: Well, you'd have to make the books rather cheap, or you'd be spending a lot on a book that self-destructs if you spill your drink on it.
MGriff8645: hmmm...for spy-novels! Of course! It's not a bug, it's a FEATURE!!
MugglebornSquib: *snerk*
MGriff8645: I'm seriously thinking of metaquoting this...
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"May I please tell the world:

I did not go to sin city on friday.
You did not see me there.
I was sober.
I did sleep.
I was not awake for 72 hours.
I did not go to thorpe park.
I did not go to electrogogo.
I did not spend stupid amounts of money.
I did not buy multicoloured cigarettes." - noize gets to grips with plausible deniability, and fails.
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I've been locked in here, writing most of the weekend, occasionally emerging with dilated pupils and backcombed Mad Scientist hair to snarl at my family to shut up and pass that absinthe and turpentine.

it's a funny story, not a funny quote per se

Anyway, I get off the exercise bike this morning and am doing yoga, and forget to close my door. As I'm doing the Bridge, the Miracat, Sworn Enemy of All Exercise, wanders in, and guess where she decides to lie down. Yeah, right under the arch of my back. And I couldn't just kick up into a shoulder stand and over backward because she actually decided to lie down inside my shirt, which was hanging down onto the floor. I could not get the damn cat to move for like two or three minutes. She's lucky that's not a hard pose for me to hold or I'd have been really irked.

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Laurie Holden


From a thread in my journal (f-locked) (You need to have read the Harry Potter books until at least book three to understand this):

(Plus, it's kinda obvious it's het when she write Sirius/Hermione.)

You know, I don't even want to contemplate a situation where Sirius/Hermione could be anything but het. It's making my brain bleed.

If Sirius is in dog form, is it still considered het? Ew. Ew. Cannot do the bestiality thing. *washes brain out*

Oh, you simply had to go there, didn't you? You couldn't just put the squicky thoughts down and back away from the squicky thoughts.
How am I supposed to sleep now? With that in my head?
Labrador lovin' ain't the dream I had planned for tonight, hon.
:wags reproving finger and grumbles:
I shall send you my psychiatrist's bill.
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From ficbitches, in the lexicon of words/terms used in the fan-fiction reviews, by Leather Daddy, I found this, that made me spill my tea all over my keyboard from laughter...

"but my favorite acronym for YAOI is "YAmete! Oshiri ga Itai!" ("Stop it! My butt hurts!")"

K: Eeep, Eeep
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From an argument on fanficrants over whether eyes can express emotion (yes, it's a no-brainer, but that's fanficrants for ya):

*is now thinking about the jar full of sheep's eyeballs from freshman biology class* Those eyes definitely conveyed a sense of unhappy sheep, at least to me.

-- drworm
wheee penguin

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"Part of this is due to the sheer proliferation of fanfic awards. In Buffy fandom alone, you can probably find a new award competition going on every other week. I've seen people whose stories are literally sagging under the weight of all their awards from rinky-dink fanfic sites (Award for Best Mile High Sex! With a Banana! Giles/Spike Category!)"
-- butterflykiki, in an otherwise serious rumination on fanfic here

And from the ever-quotable celli:
"My sister is currently lying on the floor, singing the Sesame Street theme to the cat, and vamping it up a bit.

Never let it be said that weirdness doesn't run in my family."
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type something dirty


chainsaw_hime, here.

[15:48:37] grsbound: Which spell-checker should I install on [my Clié]:
[15:48:44] grsbound: US English or UK English?
[15:48:57] grsbound: I'm really tempted to install UK English
[15:49:24] megan_desu: hahaha
[15:49:40] megan_desu: british spell things funny
[15:49:41] megan_desu: :o
[15:50:01] grsbound: Yeah, but I have a bit of a tendency to do things the british way...
[15:50:06] grsbound: Y'know, like driving...
[15:50:35] megan_desu: hahahahaha\
[15:50:37] megan_desu: bad Gina
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

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From a post on pottersues. ((Involving LuciusXRemus marriage, adopting a Squib and Lucius getting pregnant... yeah, I'm still in shock.)).

cantstopthedawn: It's like a trainwreck, with three planes, a battleship, all the remaining space shuttles, and the Hubble Telescope inexplicably thrown in.
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from ellen_fremedon:

Cat: *has had approximately 37805470854 treats already today*
Cat: *industriously scratches at scratching post*
Me: Cat, you are not getting any more treats tonight.

She's got me well-trained.

One might even say pussy-whipped.
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