July 2nd, 2004

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stereolabrat, comparing Coke's new C2 to beverages that aren't refreshing at all:

Why don't I just drink milk? Cuz there's nothing I'd like better than on a hot summer day to reach for a can of milk. I mean if I am watching my carbs, maybe Coke should just put water in the can and call it Crazy Gumby Coke Extreme. Water has no carbs and no calories, I bet you didn't know that, that is pretty crazy gumby extreme to me. I guess what I'm saying is that you guys are all fat and you should start throwing up more.

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jeffholton in grammarpolice on Dead Zone badfic:

Yeah, but this is the Dead Zone we're talking about. Can you imagine being in the middle of sex with your husband (well, hypothetically-speaking here, since I haven't checked your LJ info for clues about gender), in the throes of orgasm, when he suddenly blurts out, "You worthless SLUT! You're going to sleep with the mailman in six years!!!??? Hell if I'm gonna stick around for that. I'm outta here."

Found here, along with an argument of whether or not people in comas could be legally married.
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singular love affair

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From unscriptedwords, in a locked post:

*sigh* The saddest thing in the world is fanfiction that has a decent concept but is just... so badly written that it hurts to look at it.

Well, actually the saddest thing in the world is a decapitated kitten. But the fanfiction thing comes in a close second.
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From this post at customers_suck

*shudders* I may be overweight but I am hygenic. I make sure I don't smell or look nasty before I leave the house.. I can't -stand- people who are obese who walk outside their doors looking like a gigantic greaseball and smelling like 1000 dumptrucks X__x
Makes me want to walk up to 'em and push them into a magicly apearing bathtub full of soap.
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g_nice in this thread about "The insane movie president the LiveJournal community chooses to elect today will become the REAL president of the United States of America, tomorrow"*:

i'd say morgan freeman, but sometimes he gets a little weird. not christopher walken weird, but kind of strange in a way.

i'm going to go with kevin kline in a close one over peter sellers. i like sellers more, but remember he played 3 characters in dr. strangelove. how could you ever
trust him?

*manningkrull . . . geeze, can I credit anything else?
Vesica Woman

On the futile nature of cleaning...

I had cleaned off and sterilized *one* surface in the house, and it happened to be the bathroom counter. And I went in there, and there was a comb. And I thought, "here it comes. Next, someone will put toothpaste next to the comb, and a toilet paperroll next to the toothpaste, and handcream next to the roll of toilet paper and on and on until the whole counter is filled with crap, and trash, and toiletries, and non descript brown stuff that only comes off with X14."

Quoted with permission from trypheanoia

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Two today.

I don't want to jinx it, but I've just been informed I've been hand-picked to be eligible to re-finance my house for as little as 3.75%.


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--armadis499 loves his email

So after watching shadowgeist play Fatal Frame 2 until the early morning hours, I didn't think I'd have any trouble sleeping. But then, foolishly, I opted to read the new ghost story thread on the SA forums. Then, I read a post about a guy who has regular (once a month) nightmares about an emaciated blue man with sunken eyes who comes into his room and tries to touch him with his finger. Then I went back and read the ghost story thread some more. What the hell was I thinking. I'm checking my little comptuer rear view mirror about once every fifteen seconds. Of course, the only thing I can see is my ridiculous haircut. So instead of getting scared, I get all mad and pissed off and self-conscious. And I think What will the ghosts think of me when they come to eat my face? "Oh, HE must go to SUPERCUTS."
--pfsheckarski is sleep deprived
digitized worldview

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I'm hoping to talk to a more upbeat bit of my subconcious tonight, because while I can't disagree with that lot, I like to start my day with a little less bleak reality than that. I'm really not ready for stark existential horror until I've had a coffee. - alasdair
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My boyfriend crunchyfishstix and I went to see the advance screening of Spider-Man 2 on Monday, and this was his response:

Holy. Crap. Spider-man 2 was so awesome, I can hardly put it in words... wait, I think I can. Imagine fighting back to back with Pac-Man. There. THAT AWESOME.

And a special thanks to Krypton comics, through which I won tickets to the advanced screening last night. A special un-thank you to the guy sitting next to me who had the loudest, most piercing laugh EVAR.
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It probably was Gerard Depardieu. He was depressed that his presence in any film automatically lowers its attractivity level by a factor of nose.

--schiarire, on who influenced Ridley Scott to kill off Moxica so gruesomely in "1492: Conquest of Paradise."
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PR || Cosmos


Y'know, the more I see ads for low-carb chocolates and low-carb cookies and low-carb ice cream and low-carb restaurant dinners and low-carb EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, the harder it is to resist the urge to go to the supermarket, buy a loaf of warm and crusty French bread, and eat it all by myself.

In the car.

In the parking lot.

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Two in one

misia, about the interesting live performances one can find on Baltimore streets... Collapse )

theferrett, who received a chainmail dice bag as a gift:

In any case, it's very cool. It's nice and weighty in your hand, and jangles beautifully. I love the feel of chainmail in my hand. Plus, if I wanted to I could fill it with D20s and use it as a cosh to mug people with, smacking them over the back of the head with a couple of pounds' worth of metal and dice. And then, if they were still conscious after I'd hit them, I'd scream "Roll for initiative!" and smack them again.
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