June 30th, 2004

[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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Sure, I was on my feet all day yesterday. Sure, I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Sure, I could have a better mattress. But I don't think that's the real problem. I think I'm slowly turning into a zombie. First the shuffling gait, next stiff arms, soon I'll be unable to control the low moans when fresh brains walk by.

- glambat, locked post, with permission.
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Patriotic duty...

Quoted [with permission of course] from susiebeeca. From a post about her recent voluntary stay in hospital.
So the federal elections were today, and I'm not allowed off the hospital grounds. Supposedly there were polls set up in the hospital, but for some mysterious reason no one---not even the nurses or the switchboard operator---knew when or where they were.

My mom came to pick me up to go to to an outside poll, but my nurse was in a conference and couldn't come out to allow me a freakin' hour pass to go and vote.

Mom looks at me and says without moving her lips "Wanna make a run for it?"


I broke out of the looney bin for exactly one hour to go and exercise my patriotic duty.
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oberongeiger is funnier than you can ever hope to be:

Judging by the critical response today, Spider-Man 2 is the cure for both cancer and AIDS. It will sexually pleasure you all day and all night, and it will make merry sport out of your enemies. Watching it causes delicious fruits and meats to rain down from the heavens and to touch the film print is to see the true face of god.

From here.
I'll Need Booze For This One

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criticalcricket: A [writing] style is like an accent, if you will.

minkboylove: Yes! Narrative voice. It's the thing that makes you recognise someone's work. If you were handed pages at random you'd be able to say 'Yes, that's John Updike' or 'that's definitely D.H. Lawrence' or 'okay, I'm going to run screaming now because that's James Fucking Joyce. ARRRRRGH!'

Oo, politics...

After all, what did lying and exaggerating get the Republicans? I mean, apart from control of Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive Branch?

True, but let's not forget they'll be going to hell for it.

mildlydisturbed, from a honkin post about Wee Georgie and his lies from The Poor Man.

I was particularly amused by one respondent who refers to our President as "the Chimp".

And was also reminded of the timeless Denis Healey, of whom it was once said that you wouldn't actually accuse him of lying, but that he liked to subject the truth to extremes of stress to see how much it could take.
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Mac meow.

The latest version of OS X - v. 10.4 is codenamed “Tiger”. First we had Jaguar, then Panther, now Tiger. At this rate, Apple will run out of cool wild cat names. Once you use up the cool ones, you’re going to be left with “Bobcat” or “Ocelot” or “Norwegian Forest Cat”.
- sassyeggs, here

you tell 'em

"Stop it with the heads
Memo to Iraqi insurgents who cut off people's heads: sparing Muslim hostages you'd thought about beheading, while going ahead with the beheadings of non-Muslims, is fucked up. You must stop cutting off people's heads, full stop. It's wrong to cut off people's heads."
-- springheel_jack