June 29th, 2004


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from maybethistime :

Just took a stroll through the office and was amazed by how many of the guys had tropical islands or blue water and palm trees, etc. as their computer wallpaper. This strikes me as the worst idea in the world.

If you're stuck in an office for 9+ hours a day, why on EARTH would you want that tropical scene taunting you every minute? Do you really want to spend those 9+ hours going "dammit, I wish I was there..." Or do they pretend that they're actually in the islands, and the computer screen is like their little window?

Their background should be, like, Siberia... or one of those US Iraqi prisons. At least then every time they look at the screen they're like "damn, I'm glad I'm here and not there."
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From the never-before-quoted murasakisilver:

My father: This house is falling to pieces. Nothing's getting done and your mother doesn't have any clean clothes.
Me: (eyeing the three baskets of untouched clean laundry within my field of vision) I've been washing clothes.
My father: No you haven't! You've been gone all the time!
Me: Oh. My mistake. Then I'll just take all of these back downstairs to be washed because obviously they're still dirty. Unless we have gremlins.
My father: ...


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I really need to stop talking to Diana. XD This is us talking about the difference of climated between her Florida and my California.

AImost Kind [2:09 PM]: I'd rather be in an earthquake than a hurricane
Prince of IIium [2:13 PM]: x.x; But the ground kinda sucking you in ... eh ... I'm not to easy with that.
AImost Kind [2:13 PM]: Doesn't suck, just trembles. It's like...like an earth orgasm, if you will
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this post:

"the real romance is the 10 people who truly matter in this world.
the real romance is not giving a shit what the other 5,999,999,990 think."

"your prom, fuck it. its not magical. its $100 tux fees, $500 limos and throwing up in buckets at 2am.
losing your virginity that night? way to wipe out any lick of spontaneity or romance from whats supposed to be the ultimate expression of love."

yeah. it's funny the things people don't really think about.. askheychris does though.
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djbloodrose: You realize that the only person actively seeking out drama here is YOU, right?

You must lead a frightfully dull life if trolling a community that you have little to no interest in is what you do for kicks on the weekend.

So far I've devoted three posts to this brewhaha. You're at what now, between 100 - 125?

Time to get your panties out of their twist, kid, and move on to your next abomination.

Also, reply to this all you want, wail, gnash your teeth, etc. I'm through responding to someone who just sits on their ass all day and fishes for drama.

kid_sportswear: I'm sorry, I was too busy gnashing my teeth to read that. I choose to believe it says:

Cotton candy sure is interesting. I really enjoy eating it. Let's be friends 4 ever.

Which I TOTALLY agree with. So I added you.

-from this thread, but I don't suggest reading the whole thing unless you're really into stupid people freaking out.

From the lovely ommkarja...

On the subject of women breastfeeding in public.

I'll gladly support the right to breastfeed in public if it means more peace and quiet for me.

"But, but, they are letting their breastessess hang out and I might see a nipple and be traumatized for life! And, and, breasts are about teh SEX OMG!"

Okay, so I am not holding up my usual level of respectful discourse :P I think the short answer to that is "you'll live". Take a peek down your shirt-- what do you see? Nipples! Nipples nipples nipples. I have them, you have them. You are not going to go blind from seeing a nipple.
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agent may is unimpressed

The All-Canadian Politics Post

seangaffney: "What are the basic differences between the Liberals and NDP?"
Alan: "The Liberals campaign on the left and govern on the right. The NDP campaign on the left and don't govern because they never win a majority."

nute muses on national anthems in honor of Canada Day (July 1st, people!):

Germany: "99 Luftballoons". Originally composed in 1620 by the Archlich Ferdinand, who would later be assassinated by a duck, the words would remain undiscovered until a plucky young pop star in the 1980s would turn them into an upbeat anti-war tune, unknowing of their patriotic history to the Fatherland.