June 28th, 2004

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Very obvious.

wemblee has been a bit disgruntled about the De-Lovely posters depicting Cole Porter dancing with his wife.

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Another of her friends and I explained to her that the movie is supposed to be about Cole's relationship with his wife.

princesskraehe: And I really think the point of the movie is his relationship with his wife -- you really do have to talk about the homosexual undertones in that (since she knew before she married him), but the point of the movie isn't OMGCOLEPORTERISGAY.
wemblee: Good, because "OMGCOLEPORTERISGAY" is the movie I'm working on as we speak. Hush-hush, y'know. I run ObviousAsHell Productions.
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"Do yourself a favor; stop quoting other people's song lyrics in order to describe your feelings of sadness and loneliness. Nobody wants to hear about how bored and depressed you are. That's why you're alone. That hint should have hit you like a fucking sledgehammer, but apparently you're so self-centered that a giant flashing orange sign still can't draw your eyes away from your own reflection. Not that you really look like Brandon Lee, Eliza Doucheku, or Blade, which is, obviously, Reason #2 that you're singing, alone, in the shower, with no so much as a cat as your audience.

kaoskytton on the topic of ljers who quote lyrics.
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

That's a ... nice pairing...

jennyrogue decides to squick out 99% of the people on her flist. (From a locked post, quoted with permission)

Dear brain:

Thank you for the Dumbledore/Sirius/Draco dream I had last night. It was quite spork inducing. I've had some weird dreams in the past, but this one took the cake. Love how you shoved the 'end of the world' theme you been giving me for the past few weeks. I think the whole point of that dream was for me to make up with my mother. Am I correct? Now, brain, I would like you to meet the contents of my stomach.

Next time, give me Ricardo/Turbinski dreams like a good little subconscious, mmk?

Good, I'm glad we're on the same page now.

Your host; Jennifer
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agent may is unimpressed

On... something

I have no idea what the point is to this entry from doqz and I don't bloody care:

[The screaming] lasted for a few minutes until I calmed down a little. I mean I am not some schmuck, I read plenty of sci-fi and I know exactly what to do in these pre-post Apocalyptic situations. I am all about it. I am a take charge kinda guy. I am an organizer, a manager, a leader. So when I stopped imploring people to run for their lives or find Buddha, I advised to "Loot the bodies! Loot the bodies!" (That should be sung to Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries. How do I know this? I lived with an RPGer for a year. I know a lot of things. Things no man should ever know. I know things that would make your hair turn white, your parents turn purple and your pets turn gay.)
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Happy Franz Ferdinand Day!

Today, the 28th of June 2004, is the 90th anniversary of Franz Ferdinand's assassination in Sarajevo in 1914.

So when you see someone else today, give him or her a big hug and wish them a Happy Franz Ferdinand Day. When he or she gets that big blank expression and goes "Huh?", tell him or her that on this day it is tradition for people to go around hugging each other and eating large chunks of apple pie. Then insinuate that the person who has been hugged is supposed to supply the said apple pie, and suggest that he or she go fetch an extra large one immediately. Then solemnly contemplate the lives lost during World War One while eating that nice big apple pie. It does good things for the soul, trust me.

Don't you just love history?

-- misshallelujah
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True. And I could win the lottery tonight, right after Ellen Degeneres decides that she wants a man and asks the pope out, who remarkably says yes to her. These things are all possible. But I wouldn't bet on them, or the aforementioned relationship.

kingfox in sextips, here.
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