June 25th, 2004

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motodraconis sounds pretty sick, or else she's making herself sick with her food o_O

I don't know exactly what marmite is, but it sounds really gross d:

Other-Half ate the last of the butter and I have been forced to eat marmite on dry bread with no butter! Marmite is a noxious substance at the best of times, and it is a testament to how sickly I've been this week that I could even consider consuming this foul, tarry black byproduct dry on bread at all. (It's pretty disgusting even with butter.) It does work rather well as an illness indicator, I'll know that I'm fully recovered when my brain flips from "must eat Marmite" to "what the feck! How can you even look at that shite let alone eat it."

Then I'll know myself to be cured.
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nerdcakes is not fond of Euro 2004:

"Please, people, if you're going to celebrate something mindlessly entertaining (which I have no objection to), couldn't you at least get all of the specification right and make it 'entertaining' too? Say, instead of kicking a football around, kick a piñata! And make all the footballers wear clown shoes and fairy wings! And the losers have to improvise a humorous shakespearean dialogue afterwards. See? Somethign for everyone! I'd totally watch that! Maybe."
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Whee diaries!

silly_cleo writes about keeping a private diary(like, the kind on paper… yeah I know, it freaked me out too! :P),

I kept one for a while when I was about 14 and it's great. The best bit? I write lying on my bed so combine the position I'm in, with the uneven surface and my handwriting and it's like having your very own code! Even I can't break it! It's great.
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I don't remember being around hippie...

From the newly-quotable jellyfishkiss:

I smell like hippie.

I don't know where it came from. I don't know why. I just know it's been following me around in a low-grade fog for the last few days. I don't remember being around hippie, and am still angsty and chock full of anger, so I don't think I've been transformed into the hippie. Maybe it's a change in my body chemistry. Maybe certain areas have become patchouli scented.

Read the rest to find out her new diet idea.
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angelvasectomy's List of Hate includes these priceless gems:

10. When people put pictures of themselves with an ex in online personal ads. It's tacky. You can crop photos in MS Paint, for fuck's sake.

11. When people put pictures of themselves getting drunk in online personal ads. What is your problem? Do you think it makes you look cool or something? Am I supposed to be impressed by your ability to chug Old English?

12. When people put pictures of their genitalia in online personal ads. It's not that big. Get over yourself.

For some reason I was muchly amused.

Protected entry; quoted with permission. Sorry I didn't realize it at first!
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