June 22nd, 2004


From the always-amusing apathocles

From this post here:

How freaking *much* do I love Oz?! I want to run away with it and get married (but not have its babies, because that means less time for crazy monkey love). And if person-TV show marriages aren't legal here, well, I'll just move to Canada.

The whole post is pretty funny.
Trick by eaglefeather169

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Never mind that the lot who were supposed to bring them to me waited until the last fucking second, played some cards, taught kittens to hopscotch, sewed together a suacy red dress for J. Lo to wear to the Oscars, traveled to Borneo, created a tiny, perfect universe inside a Pepsi bottle, divided the meaning of life by six just because they could, made out with Orlando Bloom, and THEN brought me the goods.

Gee, thanks, guys. When I finally take over the planet with my dark minions, you'll be placed in charge of babysitting the president. So there.

apocalypsos of course, in a work rant here
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Is the hardest thing in this world:
A: to live in it
B: to keep our code of ethics in an unfair world
C: to write the text for a signmakers' website without surreptitiously making the company slogan 'our signs are pastede on yay'?
~ doyle_sb4

a little late.

this is a little late, but i thought it was amusing nonetheless. the lovely and fabulous ktblle's take on father's day advertising:

"Why are Father's day cards so stereotypical? They all talk about tools, or sports, or how much your father has inspired you. My dad ditched us to go be gay. Sports for him is watching the final twleve on American Idol, and tool is probably used as an euphemism for something else entirely. I would appreciate Father's Day a whole lot more if I could find a card with Carol Channing on it from Hello Dolly or Barbara Streisand from anything. Everything else looks like I didn't even try."

bahaha! from an unlocked post with permission. :)
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quoting myself (because someone asked if they could quote me):

well the most experienced sub I knew would always wait for permission but I never got her to react to my voice that way. There's no one size fits all in relationships. notcarolanne is much taller than I am. ponderingpetal is much shorter. Is ponderingpetal somehow less obedient because she can't reach things on the upper shelf on command as notcarolanne can?
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Quick admin FAQ

Because it keeps coming up: here's where the "pastede on YAY" thing comes from. Including the pic in question. To truly understand the circumstances of the beast that was the CrystalWank...well, that I can't help you with. ;)
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From raphaela after watching some Lord of the Rings documentary footage:

There is a reason I will never be a world famous movie producer--well, there are several reasons, but here's the biggest: Laziness. If it came down to costuming and my people came and said, "Hey, we need 300 suits of armor--handmade," I'd say, "Just go grab some stuff at thrift town. Get some tin foil and wrap it around a bucket. There's your helmet." Also, Gollum would have been a hand puppet.
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kerrypolka on Simon Says, Vacation Bible School style.

So then there was about fifteen minutes of this:

"Jesus says stand on one foot!"
"Jesus says turn in circles!"
"Clap your hands!"
"Oh, ha ha, got you! Jesus didn't say!"

while I was standing off to the side going quietly:
"Jesus says love one another!"
"Jesus says the meek shall inherit the earth!"
"Stone all the gays!"
"Oh, ha ha, got you! That was in Leviticus! Jesus didn't say!"

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quoting metaquotes is *so* meta... ::facepalm:: but this was just too funny

bloodypoetry in the comments to this entry

Pastede on yay is the new all your base?

I don't know about you all, but I for one would PAY MONEY for someone to hack the NY Stock Exchange ticker and put "Our stocks are pastede on yay!"
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luleh, here:
I have an idea for a self-help product.

Better Living Through Celebrities

Feeling low? Feeling unimportant? Feeling like you don't belong?

All you need is a hot celebrity, another hot celebrity (preferrably they've worked together, though I'm not sure that's absolutely necessary) and two little letters, PR.

You too can have friends and influence people!

Remember, you're just another screaming teenie Brianna if PR isn't after you. But if they are, well then, aren't you Important?