June 21st, 2004

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Apparently, Madonna's lapdog (sorry, husband) is making a gangster flick, and is taking his "spiritual advisor" into every meeting. Can you imagine. "Pastor, how should I film this man being shot in the knackers and then run over, before he is thrown in the river?"

deeteeuk in an IM chat.
balam (fluffy_mun)

Mary Sue Lives!

I had to join. I had to metaquote this gem from othercat.

*drifting in from Fandom Wank*

Actually, the Sirens from the Oddyssey (misspelled) weren't part fish part girl, they were part bird part girl. "Sirens" didn't start getting equated with mermaids till much later. There's a some old pictures where they have wings *and* fishtails though.

/brief mythology dorkiness

Why anyone would claim to be a Bean Sidhe is sort of a mystery...it'd be like claiming to be Third Gabriel Ratchet from the Right in the Wild Hunt.

It may be mythology dorkiness that causes only me and similarly strange people to laugh, but I am now making an icon of the Third Gabriel Ratchet from the Right.

*sheepishly slinks away in geekish shame*

Clawing our way to the top

resonant8 in this post, after having visited the monkey house at her local zoo:

My first thought -- well, OK, my first thought was, </i>Hel-lo, fandom.</i> But my second thought was: This is why ambition has never much appealed to me.

You might eventually get to be Top Monkey, but the odds are against you. And in the meantime, not only are you picking the bugs off of Top Monkey, but you're actually fighting other monkeys for the privilege.

God Is Everywhere

jess_faraday wrote in this post:

Talking to my folks the other day. Apparently my 4-year-old nephew went to a public restroom for the first time alone last week at vacation Bible school. He was so proud he was telling everyone who would listen, "I went all by myself---no adults, no other kids...just me and Jesus!"
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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Most drivers here are reckless idiots.

I have a rather foul mouth while driving.

That said, and having already dubbed approximately half the inhabitants of the city openings for fecal matter and doubting the legitimacy of their birth, if Mother will let me take the wheel on the freeway to my grandmother's today I will soon get to question the parentage of interstate travellers as well.

What fun. I'm going global, one moron at a time.


'Lyssa-bunny, once more providing me with a giggle. :)
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