June 20th, 2004

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My silly friend akhmed.

I made a post in my own LJ concerning Evil E-mail and the ability to get an addy @ chlamydia-is-not-a-flower.com

akhmed: That's what my brother kept calling the clematis that grows in our front yard. Mostly to drive my mother nuts.

princesskraehe: Did he drink Clamato while he did it?

akhmed: I do not believe so, we'd just pass it every time Mom pulled up in the station wagon, and he'd say, "the chlamydia is beautiful today."
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from glittersavvy:

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Sam: [whilst leaning on the desk writing]
Unknown Source: *buzz*
Sam: Umn. *blink*
Unknown Source: *buzz*
Sam: WTF.
Unknown Source: *buzzzzzzz* *click*
Sam: O_O
Unknown Source: *clickclick* *BUZZZZZZZZ*
Sam: OK-
Unknown Source: *CLICKETYCLICK*
Sam: Riiight...
Unknown Source: *BUZZBUZZ* *CLICK*
Sam: Dude, what the f- OH. [stops leaning on the play button of empty CD player]

...I think it's bedtime, you dozy muppet.
Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

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Okay, probably 5 people will get this and they're all on my friends list (or friendsfriends), but it cracked me up anyway, so there.

Background: viridian5 does the best friend meme, and comes up with cadetdru: Our 10 common interests are: black eyeliner, dark chocolate, fanfic, fight club, nail polish, reading, science fiction/fantasy, seamus harper, thunderstorms, writing

cadetdru responds:
If you combine them all, you have Harper with smeared eyeliner from the thunderstorm, writing a letter to Beka or whoever saying "The first rule is get me the fuck out of this time period."
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


From pottersues. ^^;; She's talking about Rune Soldier.

Other characters include Sir Conrad, the gayest gay knight who ever nanced around with his little gay ass in shiny armor
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Oh my God! The government thinks that people who smoke pot are dickheads and losers! How can I regain my "cool" status in the eyes of the dudes in parliament, that hub of the hip and happening? I guess by taking up cocaine.

- from a locked post by giant_bee, quoted with permission.
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From a friendslocked post by munchkinott on the things she has come to despise about slash fanfiction. The whole rant is a riot, but these two paragraphs in particular had me howling:

Hold-Me-Back-Feedback: 'I don't know how you managed to get their tongues to 'duel' but I'm taking a guess there wasn't a second and it'd be a bit awkward if Jack and Norrington had to take 20 paces in opposite directions.'

Hold-Me-Back-Feedback-2: 'I enjoyed your tale very much, especially all of the references you made to Grissom being "buried in Nicky's tight little ass" - I suppose as double funerals go, it wasn't a bad one. I didn't know Nick even HAD a donkey...'