June 16th, 2004


copperbadge's is the place to be for the funny, it seems.

over here, majrgenrl8 comments: When you go to Philly, remember--the mafia makes the best pizza.

and darketherdream replies: aw. I wish we had Mafia in Australia. No one makes good Pizza here.

majrgenrl8: See what you do is you find the pizza place that seems to change ownership every year, never advertizes, keeps kind of dark, and still stays in business.

New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia are full of them.

But I will agree with you, having traveled, you really can't get great pizza out of the Tri-state area. Not even in Italy. Must be the mob. Every one has to work harder to catch up with the brilliance of their pizza.

darketherdream: Yes, but then that would mean that half the pizza-making world would have to turn to crime and dark deeds.
I suppose that widespread lawlessness is a fair swap for good pizza.
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bitch PLEASE

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From Nevada-resident cereal's latest entry:

It's weird to see a group of kids from high school though. Everyone says, "Why did you go to college in New Jersey, Jamie?!!1" and someday I will reply, "Hey, you see this thing going on right now, where we just like, ran into each other? Yeah, so that wouldn't happen."

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We are sold out of Ray Charles. Yes, I'm sure. I know, because I've been asked for Ray Charles TWENTY TIMES IN THE LAST HOUR. You see, his publicist didn't call us and let us know he was going to die so we could be sure to stock up. -- The CD salesclerk's lament, as told by angelcat00.
Jilly Welded


We interrupt this news coverage to bring you a special notice: New carb-free, tastes-like-ass pasta is available at your local supermarket! Go, buy this foul shit, and while you are at it, pick up some ground beef.

So bloody sick of the low-carb phase. Every fucking commercial on television is for low-carb fast food (yeah, this'll look brilliant in 10 years when people are dropping like flies due to the health problems that excess red meat consumption causes), low-carb yogurt, low-carb soda. I'm convinced that the Atkins diet is a plot by the meat industry, and that Dr. Atkins himself was a sneaky robot controlled by the Chairman of Stuffing Your Face With Pork.

You know that weird kid you used to carpool with that took the meat off his burger bun and ate it while making grunting noises? Isn't it just a little freaky that we're an entire nation of that weird kid?

From bubonicplague in a post here.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Political Correctness

Today's Lloyd Grove column in the NY Daily News reports that a mental retardation and developmental disabilities advocacy group has sent Mean Girls star/jailbait controversy magnet Lindsay Lohan a "stern letter" chastising her for her frequent, impolitic use of the phrase "That's so retarded." (Why do you hate 'tards, so much, Lindsay? Did the short bus drive by and ask if your breasts are fake?) We recommend that she lay off the retards and start making fun of the blind; their scolding letters are just bumpy.
defamer_atom, here

First post. Be nice...

...from thursby, over in the booktards community.

Tomorrow is Bloomsday. I plan on celebrating it by wandering aimlessly about town and throwing copies of Ulysses at guys wearing eyepatches.
I will then go to a bar and try to drink enough Guinness to be able to forget ever reading that book.

mexonxpedestal's pet hermit crab.

So Darling, my hermit crab, decided he's going to CRAWL UNDER THE WATERDISH AND DIG. a;sldkfja;sldkfja;lsdkfj NO! YOU MAY NOT MOLT NOW! QU'EST-CE QUE TU FAIS?! I am not prepared for you rmolting tendencies! Do not molt until I say you can and that is NEVER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. *cries*

The trials of hermit crab care continue here.
PR || Cosmos

From careena.

I found, with my England-lovin' eyes, a second-hand scarf ($2) with THE BAYEUX TAPESTRY printed on it. How cool is that? How else can the Norman invasion fold into a tiny square? The story of the tapestry itself is fascinating. All sorts of drama. It was probably comissioned by Bishop Odo, lol. Now, when I feel like I have History hanging around my neck, there's a good literal reason for it. During the troublesome days of the French Revolution, it was going to be used as a wrap-around for a wagon to save its contents from the weather, ::CHOKE!:: but it was saved at the last minute by a member of Bayeaux’s city council.
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Rocks fall... everyone dies!

Artists are strange people.

From the ever-hilarious jean_prouvaire, who works as a receptionist in a museum:

Musey: Generic Pennsylvanian Art Museum, how may I help you?
Artist: Helloooooooo. And to whom might I be speakinge?
Musey: Um. ...I'm, uh, just the receptionist. Would you like me to put you through to the curator so she can deal with you because you sound like you escaped from the Renaissance Fair and I'm scared already?
Artist: No, no, my dear, you may be the very person who can assist me and verily, my milkshake is better than thine.

And it just gets funnier. [post]
Drew happy

It's a twofer!

How to make $100 million almost overnight:

Bush twins + Olsen Twins + Webcam

At least they've always been slow to figure out the 'Net



i just cleaned out 3 velvet throw pillows, a turkish bolster with stars on it, a silver velvet star pillow, the silk patchwork pillow liz gave me made out of the miniskirt she and i both have, my technacolor knitted trow that i loove to snuggle with at cons, my fairy wings, some school books, 4 sketchbooks with various sewing info in them, a tutu, two wigs, my rennaisance feather fan, a box of chicken feathers and sparkly pipe cleaners, 4 akon 15 posters, my bunny, my flower garland, a box of jelly bracelets, a sewing emergency kit, a melted bag of stage makeup,a christmas afgan, and some stripey polar fleece

damien's right, i do have a theater department in my car.

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Whuh Huh?!

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sesana: I love seeing an angry pikachu. They're so *cute* when they're angry.

mirabellawotr: I love it when they trash-talk the other Pokemon before a match.

"Pika pi-KA! CHU, pika pika CHU!"
"What's he saying, Meowth?"
"Sounds like 'Ima rip ur head off and shit down ur neck!'"

sesana: I love the Pokemon language. So simple, so expressive.