June 15th, 2004

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From a friends-only post by johnabe:

In Japanese Joysound-brand karaoke, it's possible to karaoke 3 minutes of Bruce Lee's fighting wails from "Enter The Dragon". It's like song #28339. To demonstrate, the show dragged out a famous Japanese crooner, an honest-to-goodness Rat Pack-ish Frank Sinatra, gave him a microphone, and had him suavely croon away. A romantic starscape flickered on in the background about 1/2way through, just as he was just getting into the "YEEIIIEAIII!!! YERGH!!"
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springtime the pony

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battlejoy: I orignally saw "HP:PoA" and said "HP:PoA? HP:PoA? "HP" stands for "Harry Potter" so I'm told... so "Harry Potter: Piece of @$$"? Must be those crazy lemon fic writers again." Turns out, it's the 3rd movie or the 3rd book. Geez, I not even on the same train.
casi circa 2011

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Hi, new here.

Couldn't pass this up:

It is said that a wise woman, when Life throws lemons at her, makes lemonade.

Now is the time for me to say that Life has just thrown a Strawberry Wobbler at me, and I'm laughing my ass off, pointing, and shouting "Look! Pink Tits!" while dodging the fate of being covered in strawberry Jell-O, which as fates go isn't a terrible one.

--by larathia, opening an entry on hilariously funny Phenomenal Stupidity.

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Allie: Meh.......oh no, it's 11:30! Must study, buddy!
TV: But Saved by the Bell is on!
Allie: Well, technically it wouldn't be bad. I mean, it is about school.
Screech: Haha! This is a Christmas episode. No school to be had!
Allie: Well, I guess I can afford a half hour break anyway.
TV: Muhaha. Two parters!
Allie: I must discover if Zach helps his homeless girlfriend! And then I'll study.
Homeless girl: Oh Zach! You are so kind for helping me and we will have a long meaningful relationship.
TV: Bwhaha.
Allie: Okay, I'm not going to procrastinate anymore. Oooh! Family Feud is on.
Louis Anderson: I'm not Louis Anderson. I'm that other guy.
TV: Playboy's Playmates vs. the Bachelors!
Allie: Wow. Why are they considered a family? Must watch and find out.