June 14th, 2004

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Secondly, and yes, I realize I never made a firstly, but, secondly, I've come to the conclusion that office phones purposefully have THE MOST ANNOYING ring tones on the planet. They make them that way, with specific malicious intent, I tell you. Right now, there's some nine-year-old child sweating over wires and bells in a dingy factory in China, gleefully ensuring that when the next white-collar American professional gets a call, their ears will bleed in agony. It is just revenge of the oppressed, I'm certain. But since I personally never condemned anyone to a Kathy Lee Gifford-esque sweat shop, forgive me if I feel entitled to a gentle, 'ring ring' rather than a blaring "WONGWONG! WONGWONG!" whenever I get paged. It's a little thing, but it goes a long way. --bastmoon

LiveWire expired! Expired LiveWire!

roswellzero left 28 cases of Mountain Dew stacked outside before's bedroom door. The following are transcripts of the 3 voicemail messages before left roswellzero after he found them.

#1: Sweet baby Jesus, Ros. Sweet...monkey zombie bleeding Jesus. I mean...I mean God. I'm afraid of it. I...I know fear. I don't...even...I...sweet...sweet lapsed Christianity!

#2: Fear, Ros. Real fear. Fear that...gnaws and...and nibbles...and...and...look...it looks at me at night. I know it will. I can see it watching me now! I just don't even...just.... with...just...I don't wanna Do the Dew but I feel...It's taller than I am!

#3: LiveWire expired! Expired LiveWire!
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Motorcycles and Sex

Unsolicited personal opinion number 3) Helmets, especially full face helmets, are sexy, sensuous pieces of modern sculpture which add a touch of cyberpunk sensibility to your moving bike sex scene while powerfully bespeaking an aesthetic of discomfort and alientation.

Also riding without a helmet says I am a suicidal idiot dork.

Also being fed through a tube is really unsexy.

commodorified in her fascinating and ecucational Slashy Sex on a Motorcycle 101

The whole thing is very much worth reading. Everything you never thought you wanted to know about having sex on a motorcycle.
Stetsons are cool

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roguesolo, on the England car flags everywhere:

A new law has recently been introduced to help road users be aware of drivers with less than average driving skills.

A white flag with a red cross is attached to one of the doors, and a baseball cap is usually worn so that the other vehicle occupants know which one is the driver.

Road users with severe difficulties are required to show a flag on both sides of the vehicle.
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sabayone working on her thesis:

(Sidenote: Fuck you, Hassan. As far as I can see you're using a group of burials to make far-fetched Gimbutasian assumptions of Predynastic Earth Mothers. Make sense, man! Tell me why! And yet you're somehow so cute that I can't even be properly pissed off with you.)