June 13th, 2004

beers. steers.  and queers.
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Yep, apocalypsos again...

Aunt May ... Peter's lovably ancient aunt. Manages to wear a saucy black kimono while piling on the loving platitudes. Otherwise, has questionable fashion sense, as she apparently owns an entire wardrobe made of fabric she culled from love seats, old wallpaper, and Care Bears who just weren't quick enough. Married to the rice guy.

From "Spider-Man: A Review in Q&A form"

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i'm just wondering when the first bats decided it would be a good idea to grow wings in their hands and start flying.

and why didnt this catch on with the other mammals? i guess mammals arent very trendy. some squirrels have tried flying, but they do a pretty half assed job. im glad its not more popular among rodents because i dont think i could take it if mice could fly. the day that happens is the day i check out of this life.

- kiakaha

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I finished one snowman on Helena's Christmas stocking yesterday. Well, a snow-person - its gender is ambiguous at best, but it's wearing a semi-feminine hat. I guess I should not presume to know how it gender-identifies. Maybe it's just a snowman with fashion sense.

Didrik window

Seabass. XD

Look at us go. From locked post with permission.

sporkninja: I FINALLY GOT ONE OF THOSE NIGERIAN EMAILS. Apparently some dead twat left his entire estate to me because god told him to. Huzzah!

prreciousss: OMG You're the chosen one! You're the last sporkninja sion! You shall have a beach house in Malibu and a Jaguar in your garage! All shall bow down to you and... *reads script* worship! *smile*

sporkninja: Hooray! You can visit me and sit in my Jag. You can't drive it, but I'll let you sit in it.

prreciousss: Yeah, it would be weird to let an epileptic without a driver's license (or common sense) drive an expensive car...

BUT OMG WE CAN GO ON A ROADTRIP!! I'll make sporksammiches and stuff!!(!!)

sporkninja: We can stay in crap motels and eat breakfast at biker bars and scuzzy diners frequented by guys with names like Seabass!

prreciousss: We can get tattoos!!!! Mine's gonna say "Sweet"! What's yours going to say??

And we can go to LA and stalk cute gay boys!!

sporkninja: 'DUDE'!

prreciousss: SWEET!

when chipmunks... attack?

firynze in an absolutely hysterical comments thread in this post:

Harmless, perhaps. Annoying little things running through the walls at all hours, certainly. It's when the devils start sleeping in your bed and rifling through your papers that you need to worry. Because, honestly, who KNOWS what would happen if the chipmunks read some of my schoolwork and got ideas...?

Little armies of chipmunks, arrayed in phalanxes and using classical tactics...

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From rebness's journal:

Damned bloody Euro 2004.

I just love this event, when all of Europe comes together as one continent united, ready to indulge in a little touching xenophobia and hooliganism and shouting and the Daily Mirror touchingly placing little Nazi helmets on the German teams

The more I read that line about the Daily MIrror 'touchingly' placing Nazi helmets on the German teams, the harder I laughed. (((hugs my German friends))
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