June 12th, 2004


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In regard to this post here
I offer this delightful comeback from reikasues

Okay, wait. How exactly are brown eyes "haunting"? I have brown eyes. They haven't haunted anybody, to my knowledge. It's not a very dramatic color.

Now, if she had brilliant sparkling amethyst eyes with flecks of silver and shimmering golden rings around the pupils that seemed to reflect some deep hidden sadness, then that would be haunting. And quite possibly seizure-inducing.
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Choochoo Bear

From the ever-quotable Neil Gaiman

I need to start listening while I'm talking. I was having an incredibly respectable telephone conversation with an extremely respectable person this afternoon, and the subject wandered over to Basque whalers, the way that it does, and I was explaining that whale meat was one of the few red meats that the Catholic church historically allowed to be eaten on Fridays and during Lent. "And, oddly enough, beaver was classified as a fish too," I explained earnestly and helpfully and accurately. "So on Fridays and during Lent people used to eat beaver." There was the sound over the phone of a very respectable and respected person making a sputtering sort of snorting noise, and I noticed that statement was capable of meaning rather more than I'd meant it to...
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I Spy!


I was going through my old posts and I found this awesome comment by minniethemoocha:

(Shades of Leonard Cohen)

Like a boob on a wire
like a hem cut up to mid-thigh
I have tried
in my way
to look cheap....

Here's the whole post to give context to the comment.

minniethemoocha's seriously dripping with quotables. Go check her out.
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me - with gun
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crazedcrusader explains her rules on age difference:

I have a rule - five years or one president.

I will explain.

When I was born, Ronald Reagan was president. This means that I'm allowed to date people who were born when Jimmy Carter was president, but not when Gerald Ford was. Of course, since Reagan was in office for eight years, I have to amend the rule somewhat, because People born in '88 are just now 16, and That's Just Wrong. ;)
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SP Dee

The Joys Of Parenthood

I was talking to my father on the phone today when he was appropriately fawning and cooing over the latest pictures I had sent him of the bun. He said, "The thing is, he just looks so happy in all those pictures."

Of course, silly, that's because we don't send you the ones where he's writing S.O.S. signals in pee.

-- thepessoptimist
Missing Arm


From a locked post, posted here with permission from conuly. :-)

Unless you live in one of exactly TWO timezones, your comments will NOT appear in your timezone. There are TWENTYFOUR timezones in the world, one for every hour of the day. The way livejournal handles comment timestamps is a little messed up, where comments in one style post in PST and comments in another style post in GMT (here's the link for more detail: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=156) but it's all clearly explained in the FAQ. Which nobody ever reads, explaining why they're frequently ASKED questions instead of frequently read-in-the-FAQ questions.
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new meez, default

Linguistic humor (or humor about linguistics)

From shannonwest:

I'm using a dictionary of Itza, a Mayan language, to help me with my work on Lacandón as they have very similar vocabularies. This particular dictionary (Hofling, 1997) is hilarious. The example sentences are wonderful.

Under the entry suul meaning 'watered, made watery, flexible, soft':
B'in-een kan jun=tuul ix-ch'up wen-een y-et-el i ma' pat-aj-een t-u-men jach suul in-chiim.
I went with a woman, I slept with her but I wasn't able to do anything because my penis was very limp.

I asked about this at work, because there are so many examples of this sort. Apparently he did his field work in a bar. ROTFL!
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