June 8th, 2004

I need a warning label

On Spyware

Ad-aware: Oh, look, bad things. Do you want to delete them?
Me: Um, yeah.
Ad-aware: 'Kay. *deletes*
Spyware: Search and Destroy: OMG H0R HOW DARE YOU DELETE THESE THINGS?! *proceeds to point out every last file and directory I deleted, causing me to have to click through through these handy little windows more than I'd have to click through a storm of pop-up screens--WHICH, BY THE WAY, IS PRECISELY WHAT I'M TRYING TO AVOID!*
Me: Thank you. Really.
Spyware: Search and Destroy: No problem, citizen.

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What's your IKYN factor?

Instead of fat, saturated fat, calories, and so on, products will be rated in two categories: (1) taste, and (2) the I KEEL YOU NOW factor. This would be a simple 1-10 scale, where you can see both the "good for you" and "bad for you" spectrum. So for example, we might see labels like this:

Brussels Sprouts:

Taste: -20

Cheesy Poofs:

Taste: 8

--etoilepb in an attempt to figure out those dietary requirements here
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ranmachan - by kannaophelia

Always knew those cartoons were dodgy

kannaophelia deconstructs "the most saffic episode of anything ever", i.e. the episode of 1980s girls' pop cartoon Jem in which Stormer and Kimber run away from their bands to "be together":

Oh, goodness. Pizzazz is trying to woo Stormer back by wearing the most lesbian outfit ever. Either she's doing it intentionally, or she forgot to change on her way back from the Take Back the Night rally.

kannaophelia: What does "beanpole" actually mean? It's obviously an insult, I'm just curious as to its exact meaning.
calanthe_b: Beanpole = tall, skinny, figureless and rather awkward.
kannaophelia...oh, dear. Now Pizzazz telling Stormer "You're wasting your time with a beanpole like that" takes on a whole new meaning...

Deeply Spammerrific

Cleaning out my spam-box today, I had one from the lovely address of greatoldfatones@XXXX.com. I don't even know what the spam was about. I was laughing too hard picturing Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep with potbellies, kicking back on a couch with one hand down the pants like Al Bundy.

"Yeah, back in my day *BELCH* I useta have all kinda followers. Men, women, children... though those usually got sacrificed, y'know. Everybodday feared me! They even came up with this lil' chant for me, "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu..." ah, I can't remmemmer. Point is, they LOVED me, man. *BRAP* Did I ever tell you I was a quarterback in high school? Pass me anutther onea them brewskies, willya?"

- takhisis, here in badspam
dear me
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(no subject)

"I'll let you know whether peddling cancer sticks and skin mags turns out to be more or less socially acceptable in Idaho than voting Democrat."

--lgamine in a locked post, quoted with permission.
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(no subject)

"I did not get nearly enough sleep last night. As I was getting out of my car at work this morning, I realized I feel like complete butt. (My brain already making the shift to work-appropriate language.) The train of thought caromed merrily down its track unattended as I plodded into the building and headed for the elevators. I feel like more than just butt. Like several layers of butt. Butt with extensions and upgrades and peripherals. Buttskin-Robbins: 32 varietes of butt. New MegaButt with Added Features... So it's understandable that by the time I made the journey all the way upstairs and my coworker asked "How's it going?", blurting out "BUTT WITH KUNG-FU GRIP!" was a perfectly logical reply. Right? I don't think I deserved That Look. At all."

-takhisis, here.
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cause it's funny
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(no subject)

jean_prouvaire seems unable to stop making Hulk jokes after seeing Troy (must be Bana's gorgeous pecs). while watching Wuthering Heights with daddy dearest:

Mini!Cathy: *does some annoying shit*
Musey: ...We don't like Heathcliff when he's angry.
Dad: *headcouch*
magic statistical black box


"I thought, this time, instead of giving up or hunting for some guy in a black t shirt who can name every episode of red dwarf, I shall do it myself. Why not? I have two degrees. [...]
That was two days ago, and my confusion is now such that I am wondering if the entire geek world is just some sort of elaborate practical joke."

- itvirgin.
merry and pippin

(no subject)

bibliotech says:

...that sounds like a type of fish.

"What'd you catch today, George?"

"Two pliant roundheads and some pike!"


In response to that meme that's going around, where your bits get a funny name, and the original post can be found here.

(no subject)

ladysprite goes shopping for a mobile phone:

It would be easy, I figured. It's a phone, how complex can it be? I have a phone on the floor next to me right now - it's simple, it's plastic, it receives calls and makes calls. It has buttons with numbers. The really complex ones have an answering machine thingummy.

Cell phones are not like this. Cell phones, in fact, are as far as I can tell no longer recognizable as phones. They check your email, speak multiple languages, play video games, sing the Fraggle Rock theme song, tell your children bedtime stories, and occasionally beam alien messages directly into your pineal gland with their tiny "non-functional" antennae. The user manual for my no-frills, bottom-of-the-line, no-camera, no-text, no-toaster-oven phone is thicker than my anesthesiology textbook. That just strikes me as imbalanced, somehow.
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PR || Cosmos

From the ever-quotable kthrin ...

New here, so I thought I'd kick things off with a quote from one of my most amusing friends:

Don't get me wrong, I respect math as a person, but we just don't get along.

Anyway, stupid is okay. Stupid is my role model. 'Cause, well, I look around at the kind of people who always boast how smart they are, who think a college degree or a test or a class is the main measure of one's intellectual worth, and, um, maybe they can talk about lots of fancy things using big words, and I can admire that, but they're not people I'd ever, ever want to resemble again.

Er. I mean, if that's your thing, hey, enjoy. Your prerogative. I'm just a no-future slacker full of bizarre and misguided opinions, what do I know? Besides the innate worth of an avocado-bacon-watercress sandwich, that is.

Yay, sandwiches!

And behind the cut, some feelings from my friend careena concerning Prisoner of Azkaban: Collapse )
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