June 5th, 2004

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timidmr_t on first posting

I'm not trying to be all hostile or anything, I just always thought the "FIRST POST" thing was really @#$% stupid. It's like being caller #9 on a radio station contest, except instead of winning concert tickets, you win "The Daily Douchebag" award and people laugh at you.

Except I'm wrong; apparently some people look up to First-posters.

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abundantlyqueer asked

bizarre question of the day ...
... suppose you were casting someone to play viggo, but as a woman. who would you cast? can't be a big hollywood star, i'm looking for someone at about the level of fame the lotrs cast were at when they started making fellowship.

which lead to a whole lot of comments, ending with

just found myself typing 'ewan mcgregor as the male billy boyd'.


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naamah_darling on actor Brian Cox in 'Troy':

It was worth the price of admission alone just to see him ranting megalomaniacally as Agamemnon, with an accent that varies from generic British-wannabe to X2 style faux southern. "Buhn, Troay! Buuuuhn!" He does not so much chew scenery as mulch it under like a demon-possessed rider-mower. At least he was not playing Priam. ("It's a horse." "What kind of horse?" "We don't know, but it comes up through the basketball court.")

Read the entire thing (it's worth it) here
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As one approaches the doors out of the airport, one is hit by a wall of water. In Austin, they claim it is air. I have my doubts about that. It was hours before I could breathe comfortably and within minutes of going outside I was a damp, sweaty mess. To say it is muggy is a gross understatement. In Oregon, such weather heralds an approaching thunderstorm. In Austin, it's apparently a nice, sunny day.

inalasahl here regarding a trip to Austin, TX.
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"When I got home just now, I accidentally disturbed a baby rook from its hiding place. I then got divebombed by an adult rook, 3 times. I assume it was one of the parents.

My abode is fast taking on a Hitchcockean feel, I'm telling you. :\"

littleshebear discovers the wonders of the avian breeding season.
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I believe that children are our future...

loosehorses is prepping her high school students for final exams, and from this exchange, you can tell it's almost the end of the year:

Yesterday, during the exam review:
Me: "A., who was Perseus' grandfather?"

A (straining self to think): "Uh, oh...I know this one...sheeit. (turns to M.) What was that motherf---er's name?"

Me: "No, you won't cover 'Motherf---er' until you study 'Oedipus.' That's next year. You want Acrisius."

from a locked post. Quoted with permission.</a>

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Dear Next Friday,

I look forward to seeing you more than ever this week. Um, or whenever you officially change from Next Friday, to the Day After Tomorrow, to Today. I hope you will greet me with a fifth of vodka, new socks and music to dance to. My intentions are thinly veiled: I know the day I finally meet you will be the last day of Finals, and that gets me hotter than a hot thing in a hot place feeling hot. And THAT'S hot, toots. Please don't keep me waiting.


-crbraldogg, in uoregon
we are all pawns in the hand of sad monk

Not so much funny as sleep deprived?

Occasionally I think ahayweh is Neil Gaiman in disguise, or possibly his daughter:

I ought to go to bed, really, except I'm pretty much certain that I've been reading too much horror and as a result I'll spend half an hour staring at the ceiling, too petrified even to reach over and turn the light on, and absolutely certain every creak I hear is zombies coming to get me. I've mostly outgrown fear of the dark, but when it does show up (presumably for nostalgia purposes; like, a reunion thing, where all the boogeymen take breaks from the current four-year-olds and go revisit their old clients) it's pretty awful.
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What the Western World was waiting for: The Reduced Wager Company, Part 1- The Rhinegold

Thank you thank you, lj user="cuvalwen"!

Act 1
Rhinemaidens: Look at the pretty gold!
Alberich: Nice! I’m having that!
Rhinemaidens: Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a shag?
Alberich: Errr… Nah. I’ll stick with the gold.
Rhinemaidens: Bugger.

Act 2
Giants: We’ve finished the building. Pay up!
Frika: You’re not giving away my sister!
Wotan: Can we discuss this?
Giants: No!
Donner/Froh: Gerroff her!
Loki: I’m back! Anything interesting happen?
Wotan: Get me out of this deal!
Loki: Do you guys take cash? How about gold?
Giants: Nice gold?
Loki: The best!
Giants: Okay, but we’re taking the girl as a deposit!
Wotan/Frika/Donner/Froh: I don’t feel well!
Loki: Serves you right for over-eating.

Act 3
Alberich: I’ve made a ring and a funny piece of head gear! I’m all powerful!
Wotan/Loki: Don’t believe you.
Alberich: I can be a dragon! Look!
Loki: Eek! I’m scared! Bet you can’t be a frog!
Alberich: Sure I can!
Wotan/Loki: Gotcha!

Act 4
Wotan: Give us the gold!
Alberich: grimblegrumblegrumbleokay
Loki: And the ring!
Alberich: Shan’t.
Wotan: Gimmie!
Alberich: Ow, that hurt! You’ll be sorry!
Fafner: We’re back! Give us the gold!
Fasolt: I’m starting to change my mind…
Fafner: More gold! How about that ring?
Wotan: But, but, it’s mine…
Fafner: Fork it over!
Wotan: grumblegrumblegrumbleokay
Fasolt: Actually, I prefer the girl
Fafner: Drop dead!
(Fasolt does)
Fafner: More for me!
Wotan: Off to Valhalla! Isn’t it pretty?
Rhinemaidens: Our gold! Wahhh!
Loki: I have a bad feeling about this…
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