June 4th, 2004


Only in LJ...

This may only be funny if you're a geek. *grin*

This is Latin. Sing it to the "Only in Kenya" song.

Ubi sunt leones? Solum in Cenia.
Venite in Ceniam, habemus leonis.
Ubi sunt tigres? Solum in Cenia.
Leonis tigrisque habemus, solum in Cenia.
(obliviscate Norvegiam!)
Cenia, o Cenia,
ubi sunt girafae zebraeque
Cenia, Cenia, Cenia, Cenia,
Cenia, venite in Ceniam!
Possitisne credere?

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Discussing an anime con (A-kon to be exact, which is being held this weekend... and obviously I didn't make it Friday >_>) here:


95568: Mmm... A hotel filled with gigantasaures rexes and skantastic slutasaurs. I can't wait. Remind me why I wanted to go again? :P
astarle: Because in the middle of the herd there are sexy boys wearing high heels. :P

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Explanation for those of you who haven't read Something Positive: In the latest storyline, it's revealed that Kyle is cheating on his girlfriend.

bassbone : Kyle's a dickwad.

itealaich : No, really? I thought he was just taking pretty girls out instead of his girlfriend because of charity work or something.
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Sail the Mediterranean!

From one of my own posts:

It'd take too long to explain how, but londo and I ended up at a point in conversation wherein the vagina was compared to the Mediterranean Sea. His words:
Hot. Check.
Wet. Check.
Small opening at one end one must squeeze through. Check.
Entry is easier if you placate the power just above the opening. Check.
Considered all important by many men for a long period of time. Check.
All the way in is a place that has birthed entire races. Check.
Said area also erupts in periodic bloodshed. Check.
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Was reading a Telstra ad on the back of MX (shhh) - more specifically, the fine print regarding pre-paid mobile services for students. At the end of the fine print, was 'And if you've read this far, you're probably a law student.'

*weeps because I have become a stereotype*

By vonlooney, from a locked post on her journal, quoted with permission.
Secret master librarians
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From voltbang, located here.

When Gawd came down to the mountain and gave LJ unto Moses, he said unto him "and they shall whine in their LJs, for that is a right I have given unto them. And lo, none shall bitch at them for whining in their own journals, lest I smite them mightily." and Moses heard him, and that night when Moses was alone in his tent, Moses composed a long whiney rant about gods who ramble on and on, and he posted it, unto his journal.

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"Sometimes I want to be left alone with my thoughts. Other times, I want to escape my thoughts. He doesn't understand that sometimes I want to be left alone to escape my thoughts. No, I don't think it's a particularly healthy pastime either but it fuels my art as it kills me. And who wants to live for tomorrow?" - antipholus
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

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From coocoocthulhu on here on pottersues...

Harry had been pounding on the wall for an hour!
'Hello! Hello! Can--can anyone hear me! I'd like to come out now!... awww, come on, I need to use the bathroom! Hello? Come on! Let me out! I know you can hear me, I hear you snickering through the walls! Come on! This is seriously not funny right now! I promise I won't run away! You gu-uys! Don't kill me, I could seriously die if that happened!"
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Whuh Huh?!

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Dear Mr. Creed,

I am sorry to hear that your band has broken up. My band needs a singer. You are a singer. My band apparently sounds like Creed. Your former band was Creed. Your last album debuted at #1. Our last album is at our former singer's house.

This has potential.

-- littledevi

From crossfire_:

You know you're tired of dealing with a problem if you write a snippet of code that looks like this:

$thankYouSoVERYMuch = justParseTheFrellingDateAlready($theGoddamnedDate);
if (!$thankYouSoVERYMuch) die "Error: incorrect sacrifice; try firstborn son.";

See, the problem with programs is you can't hit them. If you could hit them, they wouldn't try half the crap they do. I'm sure of it.
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Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

Someone loves Emma Watson.

Dear David Thewlis,
I can hear certain friends of mine squeaking at the mention of your name. Or, rather, your character’s name. REMUS LUPIN! *squeak* REMUS LUPIN! *squeak* REMUS LUPIN! *squeak* Say it enough, and it sounds like an incantation.

Dear Emma Watson,
You’re going to be really, really hot in a couple of years. Actually, you’re pretty damned cute now, but you’re only 14, which makes me creepy.

Dear Daniel Radcliffe,
I have friends who think you’re cute. They’re my age and you’re 15, which makes them creepy, but they don’t care.

Dear Emma Watson,
I’ve changed my mind. I’m not creepy anymore. Actually, I am, but I don’t really care. Come with me to the casbah, where we shall make sweet, sweet, statutory music.

gruyere says this and oh so much more, here...