June 3rd, 2004


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The wonderful jekesta has more theories. They seem perfectly believeable to me...

I've been watching Angel series 5 with Sister1 tonight, and she commented that if you put your fingers around your eyes like a mask (you know when you sort of upside down them) you could see the hot gay vampire sex. Now, there are three important points. Firstly she doesn’t see slash, normally*, and even she could tell there was hot gay vampire sex in the offing here. Secondly she seemed to think it was hidden in some way, which suggests that either she is blind or there might be *even more* hot gay vampire sex in the hot gay vampire show than is obvious at first sight. Thirdly, and most worryingly, what if she's right?


Hell. She has pretty much sentenced me to watching all sci fi with my fingers making a mask for the rest of my life Just. In. Case. (This is similar to the She Ra Theory. ie that every once in a while it is worth raising aloft your sword/stick/fire poker/anything and crying, "For the honour of Greyskull," because how sad if you are in fact She Ra Princess of Power but never know it.)

The rest of the post is here, you have to read it all to appreciate her genius properly.

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iTouch myself by moi
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random bits of wisdom

gakked from the_sooth_sayer's journal

3. Do not eat pringles and walk outside during cicada season. Especially avoid doing so if dead and sunbaked cicada carcasses have not been swept off of stoop. If you insist on doing so, prepare to cringe everytime you see a pringles commercial. For the rest of your natural life.
8. A lines are good things. Boot cuts are great things. Bell bottoms are bad things. Acid wash are worse things. Wear the first sometimes, the second often, the third never, and the fourth never in my vicinity, and you should live a fashionable and relatively safe existence.


quoted w/ permission from this hysterical post
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Stetsons are cool

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Friday night was the last ever Friends. I feel a sudden urge to watch every single Friends there is in chronological order. I’m sure I haven’t seen quite a lot of the earlier ones. I’ll take this moment to confess my undying love for Chandler, but only when he’s skinny and pale, not when he’s fat and orange.

The wholly fantastic and absolutely amazing missdooberry, in a locked post in her journal. Quoted with permission :)

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This is the same kid who is alarmed when anyone refers to underwear in his presence though. Private! Ack! In fact, he went to stay with my folks for a bit one summer, and after he had a cow a couple dozen times, they started referring to underwear as "Voldemorts" because, hey, those which must not be named.
-- florahart, in a thread on sex-ed and childrens' reactions to it...
Stetsons are cool

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This from the wonderful spiritof1976, on the BNP

Just had a BNP election leaflet through my door. It's so bad it's hilarious.


Quick check out of the window. Nope. Nothing exploding.

Underneath the headline, a picture of some brown-skinned types burning a Union Jack. Squint closer at the picture and it's of a scene that blatantly isn't even in Britain!

Wow, these asylum seekers are so cunning that they're claiming asylum while not even coming to the UK! These foreign devils. Can't trust 'em.

Check outside the window again. Still nothing exploding.

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On WW II and the War on Terror

Taken from mylildementor (the first bit is a link to news story)


"Like the Second World War, our present conflict began with a ruthless, surprise attack on the United States."

I guess the Shrub never heard of a little country in Europe called Poland . . .

Dear God/Powers That Be/Big Kahuna in the Sky:

Thank you for making my parent emigrate to Canada and not the US.


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SP Dee

Something To Remember...

When encountering the moronic asshats of our society, such as this b*tch, reported in customers_suck:

My mom taught me a great response to various forms of completely socially unacceptable behavior. You may not be able to use it when you're serving a customer, but you should definitely whip it out if you're a fellow customer. It takes the following form, variations for your personality being, of course, completely acceptable:

YOU: Decent human being
HER: Escaped from the zoo

HER: *completely unacceptable remark*
YOU: *puts on disapproving frown* Ma'am, that was completely inappropriate.
(If you are lucky, at this point she will realize she is being horrid, and back down. If not:)
HER: Oh, my god! How dare you blah blah blah...
YOU: *with as much contempt as you can put into your voice* Believe me, I don't like having to give lessons in manners, especially to my elders, but your parents seem to have neglected to do so.

They turn purple when you deliver that last line. It's glorious.

-- kadath

ETA: to correct the attribution -- oops! :)
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Pipe Down

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"Elena": Even if you hate the fan fiction please try to be nice the author DISLOCATED HER HIP SHE TRIED VERY HARD ON THIS AND YOU SAY THESE WORDS, HAVE YOU NO SHAME!

tviokh: I don't care if she was born missing half of her face and saw her kitten run over by her mother right in front of her while she was being gang raped by rabid gorillas who escaped from the local zoo, if her fic sucks I'm going to say it sucks and not apologize for my opinion.
And her fic sucks.
Now Listen Here You

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Oh, hadn't you heard? The 'Trollers Anonymous Handbook' has been published. Chapters include:

Stereotypes Online, which tells you all of us are fat, pervy old men who live in our parents basement.
Insults 101, which contains instructions for creating the most grammatically incorrect sentences possible and the standard insults like 'you suck,' 'YOUR JUST JELOUS OF HER SKILLZ,' and the ever popular 'get a life.'
Sockpuppets and You, which shows you how to keep your main personality and sockpuppet personalities straight.

The latest edition includes the 2004 appendix listing of where to find people making fun of you. Includes such classics as marysues, deleterius, pottersues, and fandom_wank.

Yes, you too can own this treasured masterpiece for only $19.95. Available in most bookstores.

-- speshulduck
I'll Need Booze For This One

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mrbimble: *spew* that's the exactsame thing I thought of! get outta my head, you!
deoridhe: No, I like it there!!! *curls up on your parietal lobe, resting her feet on the "big toe" section* Looooooooooots of room. You don't use it fer much, do ya? ;)
mrbimble: No, there ain't much there, I confess. Only a deep deep appreciation for teh snark.
deoridhe: *squiggies butt down into brain wrinkles* It's ok. More room for ME!
ecchaniz0r: Yup, makin' an assgroove. She's in there for good.

Meril/Not Giving a Shit = OTP
-- meril

I may be a missing link, but I like plants!

Oh, is there ever a full moon out tonight. Teh crazies and freaks were crawling out of the woodwork today....and they all wanted help. Of course, when you've just crawled out of the primordial ooze, I guess you need all the help you can get.

~nerd_cake on the customers needing assistance at the greenhouse where she works.
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