June 2nd, 2004

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In my fantasy world John McCain is also running for president, ideally by running over Dubya with an SUV along the way. Beside him is Kerry, who has actually made a statement of opinion on something without hedging his words in the slightest. But my fantasy world is not that strong, so the opinion he has given is only that of "Ice cream is tasty" but small steps, small steps.

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Something overheard while riding the train home tonight...

Guy 1: 'Yeah, I have to do a lit of cut-and-pasting, because the document's a pfd for adome reader but I have to type in them, so I take them into Photoshop 7..'

Guy 2: 'Oh, yeah...? How's that work for you?'

Guy 1: 'Well, the only thing is that when you get to the end of a line, you have to start again to make a new one... wish I could do it all in Word.'

Guy 2: 'Yeah, they really should make it easier...'

Guy 1: 'Yeah, well, I'm sure there's probably an easier way, but I dunno what it is... '

Me: *unable to take it any longer* 'You just hit enter.'

Guy 1: *blink* 'Oh... really?'

Me: 'Yeah. Hit enter and it takes you to the next line.'

Guy 1: *laughs* 'Really? I'll have to try that tomorrow.' *blink*blink* '....Really?'

Me: 'Yeah...' *trying REALLY hard not to laugh*

Good thing we got to my stop just then, or I woulda lost it right in front of them. =3
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new roommate man (he's 35!) moved in last night and he's very nice and doesn't seem to mind that kat and i are freaks of nature and that i said (about a flavored lubricant) "what is he going to do with that? lick a plastic vagina?" and kat replied "actually it's rubber"