June 1st, 2004

Hallway to everywhere
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As told by alekmarokov here.

"And the Lord God was majorly bummed at His children. And so God extended His mighty hand from the heavens, and pointed towards the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, and he did say, "Be miserable, you little fucks." And the skies parted, and forthwith poured vast swarms of cicadas. And God's children knew His wrath, for the cicadas made incessant noise and splatted themselves against car windshields."
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A left! A right!

Sticking it to Bush & the neocons from both ends:

yellowtimes - Political commentary from the Bush-hating, neocon-bashing,
anti-war, anti-NAFTA, anti-Zionist Left

antiwar_dot_com - Political commentary from the Bush-hating, neocon-bashing,
anti-war, anti-NAFTA, anti-Zionist Right

--found on my usual cruise through syn_promo
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Harry Potter dolls

Got my Hogsmeade Harry and Hermione dolls today. Had to go to UPS center and pick them up because they required a photo ID to witness I was over 21. WTF???? I asked why and they said it was likely because I ordered some alcohol. Er, no. I told them they were HP dolls and they laughed. Then, as if reading my mind, they said, "We've also seen that signature and age req on some *adult* materials." He, er, yeah. It's like they actually knew I was going to take them and open them and yank down Harry's pants (I did) and then press those two up close and make them dance, hold hands, kiss, and just general frotting (I did). Weird. It's like I have "pervert" stamped on my forehead or something. Eh. I was thinking of buying a pumpkin pie (or two) and posing my Harry and Herms dolls naked in the pie doing unspeakable acts and then taking digital pics (cuz who knows if that shit wold ever get developed???). Then I could print out one of those pics with the line, "And you wonder why Harry tastes like Pumpkin Pie?"

empressov on her new Harry Potter dolls.
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