May 31st, 2004

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"Oh no!" I said to myself, looking at my online banking statement. "I only have $13 left! I better deposit some money just in case I accidentally overdraw!"

So I got in my car and drove to the ATM and deposited $20 and all was right with the world.

Except that the $20 apparently isn't going through until Tuesday night and I've already spent $20.05 on gas (for less than three quarters of a tank, the motherfuckers) so yay, this is the, what, fifth time I've overdrawn!

"Ok you're poor," Said the bank."Let's CHARGE YOU SOME MORE!"

"Yippie skippie!" Erin said, upon realising that she would be charged a $30 overdraw fee. "Except not."

sincelastjuly, from a locked post, quoted with permission.
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Is that by the transmission or the spatula?

butterflyflames tore her rotator cuff. Her mother is naturally sympathetic.

Anyway, so I called mom and the following conversation ensues:

"I tore my rotator cuff"
"I thought you went to the ER...that sounds like you broke your car."
"No mom, my cars fine."
"Then what the fuck is a rotator cuff?"

When she got home she proceeded to tell me that she'd told everyone I'd had a cooking accident and tore my rotisserie cup. *eyeroll* Glad she's having fun at my expense.
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A True Test of Worth

"When my sister matriculated from high school, she received an elegant pendant with hearts and diamonds. Naturally, I opted for something of a far more sophisticated nature. Later tonight, I will devise an experiment to see which one fairs better in the fast-paced world of the almost-eighteen year old. In other words, I will roll over her grad present with mine."

-attilathe, after posting a picture of her grad present: a pair of rollerblades.
girl reporter: Lois Lane

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juniper200 is displeased with the Hogwarts Sorting process.

Don't get me started on the short shrift given to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Just don't. It's like the founders said, "Okay, total bastards, over here. You're Slytherins. Smart kids with no common sense, please follow Goderic to your classroom. Smart-but-boring kids, you get to be Ravenclaws; stand over there. Uh, the rest of you...I dunno. Stick together and try not to let the Slytherins turn you into bugs."

Gotta love aadroma

"I was reading up on Arabic today. Since Arabic is an abjad (just like Hebrew), it's written exclusively with consonants (and occasionally a consonant pretending to be a vowel), since the vowels aren't written, they simply refer to them as حركة (ħarkat), literally a "movement" (between the written consonants).

I laughed to myself, and imagined a man hesitant on saying anything until he finally had himself a vowel movement."

-- aadroma Here.

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“I'm watching Mystery Men and I've decided that if I ever become a superhero I'm going to be Princess Headbutt. Not only is it an effective attack mode, it's an excellent way to show spontaneous violent love.” - linduvan here.
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springtime the pony

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The whole drive there I was behind a car that had the license plate MUGGLE. Don't suppose I could get one that says DEATHETR, could I? And if so, would it be considered rude or freaky to follow around MUGGLE?