May 30th, 2004


Brains... BRAINS!!!!

khukuri rides again.....

Today my mother asked me what I'd like to happen if something ever goes wrong and I wind up in a vegetative state. In the middle of the pasta aisle. Since when do being braindead and fettucini go together? Surely my cooking is not that bad.

"First, you fundraise enough to go to America. Our technology isn't quite advanced enough."

"Right. Okay."

"Find a renegade scientist. The government will have just cut funding on his project in fear of the Pandora's Box he may open. Steal his briefcase (which will contain several vials, colour-coded for ease) and return. Switch off the life support, inject me with the contents, and release my reanimated corpse into a busy city to feast upon brains. That is what I want done."


I'm thinking this might be the reason no-one ever tries to have heart-to-hearts with me.
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Leviticus 20:9 For every one who curses his father or his mother shall be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother, his blood is upon him.

Well if we adhere to these strict rules, this one alone would result in NUMEROUS available parking spaces, even in Los Angeles! WooHoo!

-thunderrstorm, written in gaystr8alliance here
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Hee. I love my flist

From luna_k's post...

The sad truth about fanfiction writers, according to Professor I. Noah Better.

Whether it's Buffy being anally explored by The Master or Gaston busting a nut on the unwilling Belle, it all amounts to the same thing: some sad fanboy or girl's desperate sexual fantasy.


Okay, but then I wandered around a little further and read this other thing I. Noah Better had written up:

Matt from Boise, ID asks: "How can I get my woman to agree to fucking her in the ass?"
Well, Matt, that's a question with which to stump the experts. Socrates once remarked, "If you want ass fucking, find a fag, cause your wife ain't givin that up."

God gave guys this thing called a prostate which, for some fucked up reason, feels amazingly good when it's prodded by a foreign object. Why didn't God give women a prostate? Cause he's completely gay, that's why.

HEEEEE!!!! It does seem terribly unfair that women don't have a prostate, doesn't it? Most guys (contrary to what you might expect if you read fanfic *g*) are attracted to women, but almost all men love anal sex. It's a cruel trick of anatomy.

Yeah, it's probably too early on a Sunday afternoon to be seeing disucussions of anal sex and raping Disney cartoons, huh?

(and then in comments to the post)

canadia_bit responded:

Whether it's Buffy being anally explored by The Master or Gaston busting a nut on the unwilling Belle,

Poor Belle! Of course, considering she was also fucking a gigantic man-beast, I'm betting she was into all shorts of weird shit.

To which luna_k responded back:

::dies:: That Belle, she wasn't fooling me one bit with that whole 'nose always in a book' thing. She was a kinky bitch, you know.
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cimorene by pentapus

An Anonymous post on ursulav's LJ.

Blessed are the pessimists,for they have made backups.

Blessed are they who observe that one component has failed, and recognize that another awaits only a more troublesome moment.

Blessed are they who have restored from their backup, somewhere else, and found all those things which are not upon it as it was first made, and have added those things, so that whenever they must use it in truth, there shall not be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Blessed are they, who do all these three things, for they shall be called prudent, and courageous, for they shall laugh when their hard drive sends their data to be one with Kish and Eridu, which are no more upon the Earth.

-- Graydon