May 29th, 2004

what'sthat--by me

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In This Post by darkain, trillinon has this to say:

Nobody wants a company that's just three letters. Look at other examples:

AOL: nobody wants it

MSN: nobody wants it execpt those that would be using AOL if they didn't hate it.

FCC: Nobody ****ing likes the FCC, because of the God**** censoring, and the ***holic five second delays. Somebody should **** those ****suckers right up their ***es untill they ###CENSORED###. And I mean it.

IRS: It's the IRS.

See, so clearly, ATI must suck.
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Have come up with the most brilliant idea for a tv show, ever.


Yes, follow the adventures of 00ADD as he experiences a deficiency of attention and in consequence finds himself pondering which side he's really working for and how shiny different objects in his spy!bag are.

This idea is pure gold.

  • shezan

The Perfect Cover

Mum: I like that Orlando Bloom fellow.
Sam: Yeah, but apparently he's dumber than a box of hair.
Bernard: What if he's not though?
Sam: What?
Bernard: What if he's really a great actor, and just in character all the time?
Sam: So you're saying he goes home and does advanced quantum calculus after a hard day of being utterly unable to change his facial expression from "vacant" to "anything else"?
Bernard: It's the perfect cover.
Sam: For what, a world takeover?
Bernard: Clearly. And if you know what's good for you you'll join his entourage of darkness now.

He does have a point.

... sez copperbadge here.
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I've only gamed with a handful of people in my life, a significant fraction of whom I actually have friended here. It's strange to walk into a suite and sit down with dice on the table without the silly prerequisite of actually knowing the people at the table. And so far, no giant-sodomy. Which I pray is a consistent trend, not a statistical aberration.

-- heiligekuh

18. Hello. I can now legally fuck my boyfriend. Circumstances not permitting this, I shall instead celebrate my eighteenth birthday by eating a lot of food and learning some Welsh verbs.

-- brouhaha