May 28th, 2004

agent may is unimpressed

On seeking tech help via LJ

For no apparent reason audio seemed to have stopped functioning on my comp. As far as I know I didn't mess with anything and I checked the obvious possibilities which seem to be in order. Apart from turning to voodoo, does anyone have any idea what the hell could be going on?

--doqz, in this post. Help out a brother, would you?
It's All Me

A proposed ad campaign

Hyper: We should do a video piece: We're sitting in a nice restaurant, really fancy, distant string music plays, close-up of the menus in french, can't tell what anything is. We look up at each other in mock-embarassment, like "Whoa, we're in over our heads here." Gulp.

And then you say "How about ARBYS!" "YEAH!" So then it shows us hauling ass to Arby's in formal attire, running up to a dimly lit, 3/4 shot of an Arby's, then, like, the most outrageous drug-induced clowning you've ever seen. We're WAY too happy to be there, we're jumping up and down an' shit, racing each other in booster seats on the floor, maybe one of us jumps through a window, we're chucking fries at each other laughing. Goes on for awhile. Then it closes as an advertisement not for Arby's, where we've never actually eaten, but as an ad for our relationship. Says our names in a nice logo, what do you think?

Sylvia: ...

Hyper: Well, can we do the part where we throw fries in each other's faces laughing at least? I didn't even think it was funny until I thought of that part.

hypersimulation, from a collection of dialogues on various subjects
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Acaciah - Queen to a King


There are some days when I swear I think I will run away and join a nudist colony...days like today when due to asthma I can hardly breath and yet "good" society demands that I should strap a tight wire and elastics vise, better known as a bra, around my chest so that I do not offend someone with my nipples.

--moonkitty2003, in this post.
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springtime the pony

(no subject)

spectacular again:

Going to spend the day wandering around Ikea with Mother and Former Neighbours. Since Ikea is the size of a "substantial metropolis" (as mum put it) and will involve a lot of walking, for a reward Former Neighbours are taking us to some Man Versus Nature disaster movie. Seems fitting, really, because, I don't know about you, but interior design always puts me in the mood for mass carnage.
agent may is unimpressed

On providing customer feedback, part two

After receiving a less than satisfactory reply from General Mills regarding seeds in his yogurt (as seen in a previous metaquotes post), ntang decides to keep emailing them until they snap:

If straining the fruit in the yogurt would be cost-prohibitive or overly labor intensive, perhaps you might consider a warning label on every cup of yogurt that contains seeds. Something like "WARNING: contains seeds. May stick in your teeth. Possible choking hazard for infants and very small adults."
alert the medic

First post!

The impossibly funny titanic_days makes a hysterical post here about travelling via Icelandair. Highlights include:

TODDLER: *randomly babbles in Icelandic*
ME: Hello, Small Child of Doom!
TODDLER: Augh, *babbles in Icelandic and waves Cat in the Hat plushie at me*
ME: I don't understand you!
TODDLER: Burble, burble, gfbvbgruic dfufhrfhrfh vrfidjrfhfb djfgbhvgd ducvbrgcbcdh gfujjakbsjs!
ME: Yes. Isn't it awful about Chechnya?

The rest of it is equally awesome. Check it out!
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(no subject)

apocalypsos reminds us all of the value of persistence.

This weekend, I get writing done if it kills me. Do you hear me?! If it kills me! Sure, it's going to be a bitch if I try writing in future weekends if it kills me, but I'm sure someone out there will be nice enough to ignore the smell and prop me up in front of a computer. After that ... well, I guess I'm just going to have to do the same thing I do when I'm trying to type drunk and fall face-first into the keyboard. It's all in the willpower, baby.
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Delicious Driving

monkeyfetus's mad star lust.

Me: Well, it's official... I'm a geek.
Nicole: why's that?
Me: Well, I have a techno song with Captain Jean-Luc Picard in it, and I know the quote.
Nicole: A trekkie, eh? I was raised in a Star wars enviroment...
Me: (Meaning to say Bi-starshual) Well, I'm a star sexual.
Nicole: *splutters* Does that mean you like stars?
Me: No! It means I like Star Trek and Star Wars....
Nicole: oh.... So, to like stars, that's entirely different, right?
Me: Yeah... It is...
Nicole: So, then I'm a Johnnydepp-ifile...
Me: *groan*
the Radish

(no subject)

It's not that I get frustrated to the point of needing to take a hostage or anything, but when you're a gal on your own it can at least create a sense of bemused annoyance out there that pretty much all the advice you can find about cleanliness and frugality tend to start out with things like "101 ways to corral your husband into doing the dishes!" or "Save money by breastfeeding!" 'cause, well, no husband would be my first point (my second is that if I ever do get married I hope my spouse is at least a little more savvy than the doofus of masculinity that tends to get represented in these books and sites), and if I don't actually have children then breastfeeding's really not going to do a darn thing except hurt my boobs and confuse the hell out of my cats.

- thebratqueen, here.
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