May 24th, 2004

"All your can opener are belong to us...."

From cmpriest's journal, this entry:

If I am very very cute, I bet you will come down here and toss me a ping-pong ball.
“But I have work to do, puss. Revisions wait for no woman.”
Then you force me to roll over, and display my fuzzy belly.
“I’ve been a big slacker today, you know. I must finish at least this chapter.”
Resistance is futile.
“Just one more chapter, and then I’ll play with you.”
[*she knocks her head on the floor and simultaneously flashes the enchanting paw-wave*]
All your base are belong to us.
"I'll get my camera..."

supremely cute cat picture

(Photo and quote used by permission.)
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(no subject)

msjoplin: YOU HAVE SEE VELVET GOLDMINE OMG!! :D!1!eleven!!!1 And "Life As A House" too, Hayden Christensen with blue hair, makeup and piercings wtf!! :D

Am now hated by both my printer and my caps key.
Lidi - craaazy

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thisside on trying to name her latest fanlisting.

I have such trouble naming fanlistings. Does anyone have any good suggestions for quotes or things to describe Paris? The only one that sticks in my mind is "For Passion" but that just came right off the Troy posters. And I don't think "If you'd kept your dick in your sarong this whole war wouldn't have happened" is a good title.

From a locked post, with permission.

(She also reassures me that she really does love Paris)
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maladaptive: It's NOT an instinct for a mother to KILL HER YOUNG WHEN SHE FEELS THREATENED! That's not what a breedable dog DOES! ::froths at the mouth::

noellechristine: Yeah, I know when I feel threatened, like if there's severe weather, or when they raise the terror alert level, I always take out one of my kids.

maladaptive: Hmm, but that would sure explain why my mom always carried around that shotgun when it rained.

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gentlesatyr on this post, talking about jelly bracelets and their apparent sexual meanings...

I think it's GOOD that they banned them. Think of all the lurid sexual activities that were prevented by not allowed teens to wearing cheap petroleum-based jewelry. Ha, I say! I would like to see some 14 year old girl give some guy a blow job when she doesn't even have the correct color-coded bracelet. Imagine, if you will, this heart warming scenario:

Boy: I wish I could have some under-aged sexual activity in a complete rejection of the solid moral foundation provided by my parents and professional educators.
Girl: I would be willing to give you oral sex. Is that the kind of under-aged sexual activity that you mean? I know our parents and professional educators say it's wrong but I am a rebellious teen and therefore enjoy contravening their directives.
Boy: Thank you. May I break the ___________ color sex bracelet so we can commence with this illicit sex act?
Girl: Alas! The school, in the spirit of well-reasoned social engineering by our professional educators, have banned wearing these so-called "sex bracelets."
Boy: But that means you can't give me oral sex!
Girl: It's true. They have thwarted us.
Boy: I have a joint and some beers. Want to get high instead?
Girl: Yes! We don't need bracelets for that!
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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I also received the single most...wretched Psylocke figure ever in creation. The only neat point about her is that she has real hair. A bad point is that she doesn't come with her own trapeze set. It's Betsy Braddock, as played by Joan Crawford. Not Joan Crawford alive, but as she is now. It's quite hideous.

-- mice

Of men and their toys

In this post

Discussing the height of Brian Molko: lead singer of Placebo.

a_n_a_t_h_e_m_a: he's tinytinytiny. im 5'8 and a bit, and he's hella sorter than me.
but any man who has sex with his guitar on stage is sexy, as far as im concerned ^_^

lovecatlullaby: I agree. A friend of mine always said "In this world there are men. And, then there are men with guitars.." ^_^
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You won't believe this one: Steve is working in construction! No, really. This job can't end well. Steve just has to offer the other construction workers fashion advice, or refer to himself as the Protestant Pope, and they will all beat him down.


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...and you canNOT tell me Patroclus was Achilles's cousin. The "ho ho, I am so very heterosexual" dialogue was killing me:

ACHILLES: Hello, Odysseus! Have you met my COUSIN? This is my COUSIN Patroclus! Say hello, COUSIN! I'll tell you what, MY COUSIN, we'll continue SPARRING later, after MY GOOD FRIEND Odysseus leaves--
ODYSSEUS: Don't drag me into this, girlfriend.

Seriously, watch Sean Bean's face. He ain't buying it either. He's got that "Uh huh, sure, that's your fifth 'cousin' this year" look.

-- _redpanda_
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I like how 60% of my spam mail titles read like snippets from "The Call of Cthulhu".

Sample: "ÑÒÎÏ! Òàêîãî Âàì åùå íå ïðåäëàãàëè!" or "Ìû ãîòîâû ïðåäëîæèòü Âàì íîâûé âèä ðåêëàìû - ýëåêòðîííóþ ðàññûëêó" and then there's "Ïpoäaæa á/y coòoâûx" sent by user ÔÀÈÌÀ ÌÀËÈÕÎÂÍÀ. "íå" indeed. Ftaghn!
- sylv_ has an interesting inbox collection.
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The whole thing was loud enough to wake me up at one in the morning after I’d flopped into bed an hour early so it must’ve been pretty impressive to anyone fully conscious. I remember thinking something like, "Oh no, this is it, we’re all going to die," and falling back to sleep.

Nice to know I react well in crisis situations.

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