May 23rd, 2004

dancing indigo

I know it's gauche to quote myself

but the quote doesn't make sense without the context of what I said.

indigoskynet: Bush was wearing his bike helmet and a mouth
guard when the mishap occurred.
Duffy said he didn't know exactly how the accident happened. "It's been
raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," the spokesman said. "You
know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it to say he wasn't
whistling show tunes."
--a White House spokesperson on how it is that
the president fell off his bike 16 miles into a 17 mile bike ride.

I have no idea what that's suposed to mean.

bzarcher: Obviously, it means he was whistling

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Friendship is the best (Coupling)

potatogirluk has set herself a mission...

Our radio keeps picking up signals from passing police cars.

Dont get me wrong, sometimes its quite interesting to listen to,("panda 326 this is 455, sarge says can you pick up some chocolate digestives on the way back to the station, over"), but its a bit annoying right in the middle of the chart rundown. "And at number 15 we have a red ford fiesta travelling down church street with the popular hit, 'Homie Got My Woman (I Got My Rolex)'", for example.

I remember when I was little and we saw a police car zooming down the road, my mum would say theyre rushing home to have their dinner. With the aid of my radio and a wire clothes-hanger to increase my frequency cover, I aim to prove this theory right.
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Everything's Better With Hobbits!

Also good was the dvd ad for Return of the King, because everything on this planet is made better by the addition of hobbits. Even things you wouldn't expect to benefit from such a remedy. Like jam sandwiches. They're even better than the ordinary goodness of a jam sandwich if you think about hobbits while you eat them.

~sharpest_rose, here.
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Wow Neat

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montrealais: [Making Achilles and Patroclus cousins is] sort of like this anime called Wish, where they changed the young male love interest into a girl...except we see him naked, and with no boobs and no hair and slim hips, which means that if he were a girl, "she" would have to be like 11. So apparently pedophilia is more palatable than homosexuality *rolleyes*

arisato: Wish? That's a CLAMP series, isn't it? *squint* They sucked the gay out of CLAMP? Isn't that like...sucking meatloaf through a straw?
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

Gotta wonder how her mind works...

Also today I did some revision for IT exam tomorrow. Im strangely calm about it all actually, despite me knowing fuck all. I think its like when spys sneak into enemy territory and are all cool and sleuth like.

Except I'll be wearing school uniform rather than camouflage gear.

And I wont try to assassinate the teacher.

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spn - brother times

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From copperbadge, who, being a straight male, appears to be just a bit sick of hearing about Troy:


The vast majority of you seemed to have hated it except for Eric Bana's manthighs, which interest me less than even naked Brad Pitt, up until now the most uninteresting thing ever.

(Brad Pitt getting mown down by a minivan in Meet Joe Black, now THAT was interesting.)
springtime the pony

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I've been on a quest to find a place to watch the Stanley Cup finals in Rome and a couple other people have joined me. The Canadian Embassy was surprisingly unhelpful. I was hoping this would turn out like that Tim Horton's ad where they sent coffee to Scotland but instead the NHL sends me a satellite. Ooh and a plasma screen TV.

Maya's thoughts on Troy

PRIAM: A big horsie! Me want to play! Also I have carried on my whole reign in a retarded fashion, and this is no time to stop!
PARIS: *channeling Hector* Burn it!
TROJAN ELDERS: Well Paris said burn it, so we should take it into the city.
PARIS: The tragedy of it is on all other occasions but this one, you'd be so right.

read the whole thing here, it's brilliant!

*worships sarahtales*
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