May 22nd, 2004

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Of dragons and non-powered flight

2_gryphon talks about the logic behind an inspirational e-mail quote: "May the wind be at your back and strong beneath your wings". Pretty much the entire post is hilarious, but here's just a few snippets:

"First, in non-powered flight, the wind being at your back is bad. It slows down your air speed! You know what happens when your air speed is too slow? You stop flying and start FALLING. You then crater your stupid ass in Farmer Pickens' hay field and quickly die a lot. So the first part of this statement is not a well-wishing at all!"

"However, if the wind is STRONG from beneath your wings AND coming from behind, you have to wonder... where is all this air going? Up and from behind? That means that somthing in front of and above you is sucking up large amounts of air! In other words...

joan holloway roses

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I can't look at it without dissolving into giggles. There's just something about the way that the little girl is looking at the bird. It doesn't come off as the somber innocence the photographer was probably trying for. It's more of an, "Oh shit, man... They weren't kidding about what would happen if I didn't get them their money!" thing.--mysticpenguin , on this picture.
Potter Pals, Bothered

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when you're not paying close attention, and words flash by quickly, you can often read things that aren't really there.

Just finished watching a new Inu Yasha, and in the rolling credits, I'm *sure* I read it wrong, I MUST have read it wrong

there's no way the name of the voice actor who does Kagome's Grandfather is "French Tickler"

EDIT: I looked it up, it's no wonder I saw that, his name is French Tickner

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