May 21st, 2004


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fabulist plans ahead:

"Still, I walk every mall making a little mental list: okay, need one of those, that's on my looting agenda, and ooooh, a Craftsman torque wrench with a comprehensive adaptor set--I'm totally looting one of those. So many people take their looting for granted that they head straight for the damn wide screen TVs and completely ignore the camera and electronics counters. I'd much rather stuff my pants with digital Canons and iPods then get all sweaty and disheveled trying to cart a hundred pound Samsung out of the store."

from aadroma

Yes, another Troy-related quotes. Regarding Orlando Bloom as Paris:

"The poor man's typecast! He'll never get another job unless he's firing a damn bow and arrow! 'I can't accept this job contract; you haven't given me a bow!'" "'It's a gay film; of course you get a beau.' 'Do I get to shoot him?' 'Numerous times.'"

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I was talking to this foriegn lady for work and it took me 5 minutes to figure out she should even be talking to me, since I can't help. Anyway I got off the phone and explained to Kristina that, "English was definately her second language, or maybe fourth or fifth."

Also my boyfriend was programming the VCR to record something while he's asleep tonight and wanted to know today's date. So he asked me, "Hey, is today Whatchmacallit?" I told him it "Yes it's May, the Whatchmacallith."

-- cecilelerose
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Bad Mary Sue Story: Brooke also happened to be a close friend of Hermione’s at the time, and when the sparks were evident between the two, Hermione made certain to feed the fire.
Hermione is always good at what she does. The two were married within a year.

marikochan it just me, or does this passage make it sound like Hermione and Brooke got married?

mhari: Dammit! Cheated of lesbians again!
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Ye Legende of Troie

Patroclus: Cooee, Hector, over here!
Patroclus: *hed no longer pastede on yay*
Hector: Wtf? Achilles? ...Patroclus?!!

Hector: *wibble*
Achilles: Do you mind hanging on a bit, though? You kind of stole my armour, and I need to get some more.

Ye Legende of Troie by _peapod
dancing indigo


I'm in my bedroom now but I left the living room television tuned to MTV. Now my parents have turned up the volume really really loud to figure out why "Roses really smell like poo poo poo"...

It's fun to listen to your parents try to make sense of OutKast Lyrics.
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Study Much?

Quackup already.

taken from photosexual

"as I walked away, I could distinctly hear the ducks quarreling about the topic - was there another duck? and who is the little hussy, I'll rip her wings off, and all of that. meanwhile, he stammered in duck speak about "no no no baby, you see, he thought you were a different duck, and so he wanted to know where the dark brown one was, and yet, that IS you! Ain't no other duck for me, baby! OW! OW! stoppit! you'z my one and only! OW!"
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the post I meant to put in metaquotes:

Jamie Lynn Spears = Who the fuck is that? It's like Lindsay Carter (who, btw, is the sister of a Backstreet Boy. You can purchase her album, "Like, Totally!" at the Dollar Store).

posted bykatu found in this post.

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"I hadn't eaten anything all day, which is fairly typical for me, but combined with three hours sleep and seven weeks of work and stress it degenerated my gut from a reasonable chowbag into this angry beast of acid. I could practically FEEL ravenous chemicals devouring my insides while my brain curled up like the unhelpful bastard that it is and sucked its thumb."

from this entry, by the FURIOUS! retrolex
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And who knows the value of horse sperm?

This isn't from livejournal per se, but it's between two people who have livejournals, so I guess it's subject to deletion.

sleepypawn"... oh, yeah, Beth's horse is pregnant."

footsandwich"Um, yay? That's a good thing, right?"

sleepypawn"Yeah, she's been trying for a while now, but it wasn't working. And horse sperm is really expensive, I don't know if you knew that or not."

footsandwich "Uhh, no... I don't think I did..."
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Dirty Old Hippies

boopsiecomplex Gives change to old men ... and they want sex, too? What is with this world?

B = bum. (self-identified, man.) looking like mid-sixties, gray and yellowed hair past his shoulder blades, crisscrossed teeth, a little windburn, the usual.
K = hello, me. duh.

K: hey, man. (handing over change.) sorry, that's all i got.
B: thanks. hey, did anybody ever tell you that redheaded girls with freckles on their nose are the best looking ones?
K: (laughing) I keep telling people that...
B: no, but you're beautiful, sweetheart.
K: hey, well, so are you. have a good night.
B: yeah? well, maybe you should take me home and take a bubble bath.
K: uh... i don't have a bathtub. take care!
B: oh, well, hey, if you ever save up enough for a motel room and wanna screw an old hippie, you just let me know!
K: ha!ha! ...okay, then, well... i guess i do know a lot of hippies...
B: no, i meant me.
elven_wolf -  subtext?


cinzia shares her thoughts on Troy.

Priam in Achilles's tent. Um. WHY? HOW did that happen? The 'This is my land and I know it better than you' line simply doesn't cut it. That scene feels very awkward, as though they just pastede it on yay. V. disappointing.
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