May 20th, 2004

lil devil

Poking Fun at Our Pres!

platys gets some interesting mail which causes the following response...

Polar bears! Yay! They are coming to our rescue! They'll eat Bush! ... I refuse to believe that the polar bears like Bush. They are clearly sneaking up on him. I'm not sure about the butterfly or Panda Bear. Pandas aren't real bears anyways.

OK, the quote sucks, but you have to read the post, for it is strange and disturbing.

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genkischuldich says:

"Wouldn't it be great if kittens were found with the same frequency as spiders? My flatmates would rush out of the bathroom screaming, "there's a kitten in the bath! We think it crawled up the plughole! Please deal with it!" And late at night, you'd look out of the corner of your eyes, and see something furry scuttling across the wall, or hanging by a thread from your ceiling, purring."
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dancing indigo


"First Catwoman TV ad. Ahg, my eyes! The costume is fugly. Halle Berry is fugly. If that movie is even slightly less fugly than I think it'll be ... I'll, like, eat my hat."

--smuu, whom I told I would bake her a hat shaped cookie if the movie turns out to be less fugly than both of us believe it will be.

The Twitch is just getting worse and worse with every mention of this Feline Travesty With Sham Oscar Winner.
Wow Neat

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Every Perl script begins with the #! pair of symbols, called a "shebang."


-- dkellis

The entirety of my first three weeks of Geology seem, so far, to be Brett relishing the wonder of rocks. It runs: Rocks are fun. Rocks are exciting. Learn the rocks, and how to distinguish them from one another. But do not taste the rocks. Tasting of the rocks for the purpose of identification is to be used only as a last resort, and really only worth it on a final, especially as the only mineral that can be reliably identified by taste is halite, and duh, salt. Also that one that tastes like batteries, and for that to work you need to know what batteries taste like, and if you do, please don't tell me why.

-- chandri

I've been entertaining nasty thoughts about Hugh. And Wolvie. Wolvie and Gambit. Mmm.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hump the furniture now.

-- eiluned
gve me liberty or give me hot lesbians

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From this thread in abortiondebate:

Like free tubal litigation and vasectomy avalible, free, for everyone who wants it.
-- asatru_mom

Tubal litigation. That's a good one.
-- the__lord

We need a tubal lawyer to file a tubal litigation.
-- garygnu

You could probably find one in Jersey...
-- the__lord

From this entry:

By the strength and might bestowed upon me by the lord, I share with you all...

( God's Message )

-- chaossix6

But that above quote is simply not complete unless you click on the link, go to the entry, and click on the lj-cut. Because let me tell you, as a New Yorker I seriously feel God's message. In my heart, j0.

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nerdcakes, here...

Was listening to someone on the Today programme this morning talking about Tony (yeah, we're on first-name basis now) getting floured in the Commons. Apprently something along those lines happened to an MP in Norwich years ago - "he was listening to a presbyterian vicar talking about something at great length and, while he was listening, someone came up behind him and defecated on his head".

Nice thing to wake you up in the morning. Would be convinced it was a dream but I don't normally dream about Radio 4.

Also, am rather concerned about the poor chap who was actually doing the defecating. I mean, it's a public place, you're obviously going to be a bit nervous. Wouldn't it be awful if you were trying to do a poo on the guy's head and you had a sudden and very embarrassing bout of constipation? And how did he get into an appropriate position without any of the congregation noticing? Was it, like, stealth shitting or something? The mind boggles.
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and there is death

"Swear to god, guvnor, it's a photograph"

A few days late, but for the Brits, entangledbank commenting on the Mirror photos:

  • "Alleged Iraqi prisoner is wearing Arsenal strip
  • Red double-decker bus visible outside window
  • Alleged prisoner is blond
  • Alleged has face identical to one on page 5 of Richard Scarry's first book
  • Polar bears and elks visible in background
  • Reflection of Hasselblad in mirror on left
  • QLR uniforms have "QLR" written on them in Comic Sans
  • "Abu Ghraib" wall-sign in fact reads "Jade Emperor Kitchen""
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