May 18th, 2004


george W.

a conversation with a friend about..yes..the prez:

FRIEND: i mean, the guy nearly killed himself eating pretzels. how much control can he have?
ME: lol
FRIEND: he seems like he'd be a really nice guy
ME: maybe so but
FRIEND: exactly
FRIEND: it's like the retarded guy at your party that you wanted to keep busy so you let him watch the door
FRIEND: and he let's in a gang of bikers
Delicious Driving

(no subject)

Jess: When I grow up, I want to be a German Telepath.
Allison: ....Well...When I grow up, I want to be a Tractor.
Jess: A tractor huh?
Allison: A lawn tractor. I'll mow lawns.
Jess: So you're a lawn mower...
Allison: No...I'm a tractor.
Jess: You should have cool shit. Like a mini fridge and a sattelite TV.
Allison: That would kick ass...

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Found on littledevi lj. In response to her post on the Swedish Hip-Hop Awards
(entitled You're goddamn right that it's better than bork)

tfofurn responds with

"Your hip-hop brings all the Swedes to the yard,
and they're like "It's better than Björk"
Damn right, it's better than Björk!
I could teach you, but you're such a dörk."

(no subject)

moriarty6: "This isn't comedy music--this is music to die by."
me: "In the rain.
moriarty6: "From consumption."
me: "With the lorries rolling by."
moriarty6: At night, face-down in the street."
me: "And somewhere nearby, a puppy is hit by a car."

--cmpriest about the music from "Triplets of Bellville". Which is ostensibly a comedy?
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ncis - tony/ziva - right there

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locked post, but quoted with permission:

There are about 22,300 live journalers who list 'slash' as an interest.

I'm going to stop complaining about the size of my friends list now. Things could be a whole lot worse...

iibnf, in her usual snarky way :)
I love the world (xkcd)

(no subject)

But that led me to thinking about what kind of a cock-sucker Yahoo is. I mean, the groups suck -- I posted things back in the day that NEVER got to the group. I long for the eGroups days, yo! When at least you knew when you posted you had a 50-50 chance of getting your stuff to the list, as opposed to the whirling chasm of quicksand that is known as YahooGroups. [Yes, I'm old-school. Deal with it.]

And, come to think of it, what's with Yahoo taking everything over? Yahoo is the Hitler/Franco/Mussolini jerk-off session of the internet. I mean, really -- nice little e-company comes along, and Yahoo swallows them up ala the Axis. It's pretty much the monopoly of the net now, and considering how much Yahoo sucks, that's pretty fucking sad.

--pekeana, quoted with permission

Sounds like what I'd say...

darqstar, talking about the song "The Gambler":

And, I also think that should I have lived through this experience, I probably wouldn't go writing philosophical songs about it. I'd probably write songs more along the lines of, "So I was on the train and the guy next to me DIED for Christ's sake, and freaked me out!"
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Thought: Next male student who challenges me will be forced to read The Female Man and comment on the idea that women would be better off in an all-female utopia where the teenagers are sent off to hunt wolves with their bare hands in the wilderness.

--3jane, who teaches in college.
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Fox and magpie (art (c)

A trio of Metaquotes.


"There are some days that I think I was born the wrong hair colour.

Today is one of those days...."


"Someone in the cafe is reading an LJ WITH AN ICON I MADE ATTACHED TO IT. I can't see the LJ name but I can see the bloody icon.

*flips out a bit*

The world is officially too small.

ETA: She hasn't got me friended, and it's not her icon, but she does have Cassie Claire friended. Then again, I think that's mandatory on LJ now, isn't it? *grins*"


"The thing about working with lots of paperwork: lots of papercuts. Ow."
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lava lamp

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"The purpose of this email is to let everyone know that going forward, if you are going to be away from your desk for more than 30 minutes, you will need to leave some type of visible notice that tells where you are and when you will be back and how to reach you."

From the whiteboard of Jay...

Why Jay is not at his desk:

* In server room
* Smoke break
* In Irvine hell
* Ate some cheese
* Your name is Gavin, Geoff, or Michelle
* General misanthropy
* Blame Lorin (see below)
* Not enough money for bail
* Rehab
* Compensating for your shoddy code
* Incompatible subjective realities
* Fear

——entry by umetaro

(no subject)

My sister talking about the cicadas coming out in our yard:
A number of them end up in spider webs shortly after attempting take off. I saw one stuck in there, with a large spider standing over it as if she was thinking "Hm, on one hand, I won't have to eat for awhile, but on the other, I was very happy with that web I just made. Christ, you know I'm not sure if I'm able to produce enough of my butt-generated saran wrap to take care of this thing. This sucker's huge!" --fallenangelfish towards the end of this post
Plead the FIF!

(no subject)

Dear Anarchists:

Once you have dismantled the frameworks of society, abolished all laws, money, etc, what then? How are you going to compensate for the infrastructure that comes with those societal frameworks breaking down and disappearing? Do you have a generator? A wood stove, even? How bout solar power? Geothermal heat? Do you know how to make candles, slaughter pigs or grind grain? Is there a garden in your back yard? Do you even know how to cook?
Think about it and get back to me with a sane answer. Until then, I'm afraid I must persist in pointing out your lunacy. I do hope you'll provide me with the opportunity to cease soon, as I do have laundry to do this afternoon.

tisiphone, in this post.

Infocom Adventure, meet LJ

A night at the beach as ably recounted by madbard:

Since last night involved a lot of convoluted problem-solving, perhaps the best way to tell the story is in the form of an Infocom text adventure transcript.

Parking Lot
You are standing in a parking lot near the ocean. The Santa Monica pier glistens from a few hundred yards away. It is a balmy night, and the sound of the surf issues gently across the beach.

MuseumGirl is here.

There is a Honda Civic here.

> inventory

You are wearing a light flannel sweater.
You are not carrying anything.

> look at museumgirl

MuseumGirl is carrying a set of house keys.

> museumgirl, open the car door

MuseumGirl tries, but she doesn't appear to have her car keys.

No grues were harmed in the making of this entry, but the rest is brilliant