May 17th, 2004


So true...

felisdemens, describing movie previews before Troy:

"First, Halle Berry appeared. "Noooo..." I moaned. Halle Berry in a ludicrous PVC bikini. "Nooooo!" I insisted. Halle Berry in a ludicrous PVC bikini with bad CGI fight scenes. "NOOOOO!" I wailed. Finally it was over. I wept with gratitude. Next preview? Keanu Reaves appeared in a trenchcoat. I whimpered. My spirit was broken."
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one - original (doctor who)

Befitting an Eddie Izzard stand up routine!

From virtualinsomnia:

I have determined that I can say exactly two things in French (not counting yes, no, please and thank you, of course):

Ou sont les toilettes, s'il vous plait? (Thank you, svmadelyn!)


Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir? (Thank you, Moulin Rouge!)

Apparently, were I ever to be lost in France, I would end up having lots of hot bathroom sex. Though, dude, do you see a bad there? Heh. Didn't think so. ;)
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So I am sitting here looking at the tickets and trying to figure out how long I can/should/want/will stay in the sunny Toronto. I am kinda getting nostalgic for the Hostel. There’s an unsettling thought. Hm. Can you develop a Stockholm Syndrom for a building?

-- doqz

Right now, my inner German is hating my inner Swede.

-- littledevi

I have it on pretty good authority that some of the guys in the computer science department of the Department of Defense aren't impressed with Donald Rumsfeld. And we all know that it's the tech geeks that rule the world. ^_^

-- trishalynn
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Watched Enterprise again. May be developing faintly gross crush on Dr. Phlox. He's so firm and commanding with the stubborn patients, mmmm.

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-- hisgreyeyes

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From candid here.

I don't really know what I expected to happen this evening, but I'm sure I didn't expect that at 2am I'd be hanging out in Andy Kaufman's old apartment with, among other people, a severely-cracked-out Andy Dick.
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The wonderful jekesta writes:

Some of you might not have been aware that we needed a plan about socks, but we do. Trust me, the world will be a better place. Very simply the plan is that socks belong to us all and therefore people should stop being upset when I steal their socks.

It’s like some council ages ago that had bikes that you could you could use and then leave wherever you ended up. And I think the bikes were green. And everybody stole the bikes, obviously, but that is unimportant. (And actually I think Ian was very cute on hignfy about the nicking of the bikes, although this might be because I can imagine Ian being cute about everything and anything on hignfy because my brain has been warped.)

Well, the plan is that socks work that way, too. Apart from they don’t have to be green. All socks, regardless of colour, belong to the community at large. And you can take socks from where you find them and keep them for as long as until somebody takes them from you. This plan will be good because (a) buying socks is boring and (b) it will spread various foot based infections and thereby increase our kinship with one another.

Free socks, yay.

Her replies to others' comments make me laugh out loud too. *snorfle* Bagpuss... *snorfle*
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May 2007 with Eva
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It is sweet and fitting to have a fabulous time for your country.

Good news is that we went to Sealine again today. I'll elaborate more once I get all of the pictures organized. Needless to say, it was another kick-ass trip. I actually swam in the Persian Gulf this time. It is much saltier than the Gulf of Mexico. Temperature was about the same, sand was nice. Sucked because I was so dehydrated after the horseback riding that I managed to barf yet again. Man. That was a really good fruit salad that I had eaten, too.

-- missus_paul, who is currently stationed overseas, bravely serving her country by riding Arabian horses through the Qatari desert, chatting up hot British soldiers, eating fruit salad, and swimming in the Persian Gulf. (Yes, I'm jealous.)
Halloween Hair

Troy - the gift that keeps on giving

In a post by janesy:

TO: Wolfgang Petersen
FROM: Jane C. Nolan, Esq./MD/Ph.D/philosopher-queen

Dear Mr. Petersen--

Thanks for the wacking material. I'm typing this with my left elbow and a Blackfoot number two pencil clenched between my teeth, as I've lost all feeling in my hands. I'm hoping they'll be good as new in two, three days...but then they'll just get all floppy and weak from overuse AGAIN. Seriously, though...despite the gleeful pinching of scene style from "Lord of the Rings", "Saving Private Ryan", and I sure liked the soundtrack when it was called "GLADIATOR", not to mention the lazy butchering of a literary classic (I mean, if you're going to cornhole Homer, why not at least do it with some skill and flair?), you earned my eight dollars with the Brush With Bloom Frontal, Bloom getting his ass, hat, sword, shield, mother, minivan, and nuts handed to him, and allowing him to play Paris as the snotnosed immature douche that he is.


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Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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From: Dumbass Student
To: Help Desk
Re: Registration

Hi! My name is ___, and my appointment to register was on May 20, 11:00 AM. I could not make it to my appointment, and I'm trying to register online, but it's not working. It says that I "am not permitted to register." Please explain why? Thank you!

MY REPLY: It is not May 20 yet.

-- being_peace, here
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I guess this doesn't count as quoting myself...

...the quote is from a comment left on my journal, but it's not mine, not even particularly inspired by me.

michiexile, here:

Heh. I just started reading that minor poem [The Iliad---ed.]....

It reads surprisingly easy - and I cannot help wanting to turn it all into a chatlog.

<+Agamemnon> You all are bad!
* Achilles sulks
<@Zeus> I am away: Answering ethiopian prayers. Gone: 3d 5h 45m

And hi. Great community.
gonzo photojournalist

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weaselwoman13, here:

For those thirty seconds of distorted reality between waking up and actually waking UP this morning, I was convinced that New Jersey was actually called something like New Jewsland. And I remember thinking, "Oh, Jews! Of course! I can't believe I haven't made the connection until now!"
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britta guns - shelightsupwell

Self quoting is like masturbation. At least *I* think I'm funny.

Had a good day today, despite it being secretly laughing at me behind my back, going "HAHAHAHA! Pitiful fool, how can you be happy when your EXAMS start tomorrow?!" Days can be damn annoying sometimes, especially when they make fun of you when you try to enjoy them. It's like having a sex partner who laughs at your funny faces in coitus. In theory, of course, since I don't HAVE a sexual partner, and, yes, Becky, I saw that joke coming a mile away and have already had the chance to find it not funny.

- me
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Drew happy

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So the first one hands me her credit card, I swipe it, and the stub comes up, and I discover her name to be "Amy" only with way too many i's and e's in it -- there's another red flag. You know you're dealing with vapidity when extra vowels start creeping into a girl's name. Aymee. Kelliee. Haylee. Traycee. You see names spelled like that, and you know you aren't dealing with a Fullbright Scholar.

-mister_perky in customers_suck here
ahem, *cough*

I am, indeed, there. That has been my day.

In my office I have a large print of the original drawing from Dante's Inferno, showing the circles of hell in cross-section, with labels. I have a red 'you are here' arrow that can be adjusted to point to the appropriate level. Currently it is pointing up the Devil's ass. I don't know who moved it there, or when, but it's definitely where it belongs.

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I asked your name, you asked the time...

Klpflower: today was my last monday of high school
Shin savat: ::hugs:: itll be ok
Klpflower: its all bittersweet
Shin savat: sweet like sex and candy but bitter cause you get all sticky and what not if you do either of em to long
-Me and my friend.
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