May 16th, 2004

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latentfunction has just seen Troy...

I wonder who decided that "Trojans" would be a good name for a condom. I mean, the Trojans find this big mysterious thing out on the beach, and instead of burning it, they decide to let it into their body city. It then breaks opens and all the sperm soldiers spill sneak out, eventually knocking up sacking the girl city. Maybe not the best connotations for something that is supposed to protect you, I'm thinking.
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As the winner was announced, the Ukranians didn't reappear onstage for quite a while, a la the von Trapps (though the Ukranians weren't on the run from Nazis and The Sound of Music didn't have a cynical voiceover saying stuff like, 'And if they take any longer you'll have to repeat that all in Turkish.')

- thewhiteowl on the bizarre affair that is the Eurovision Song Contest

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If I can go until July without ever eating above 1000 calories a day ( i dont like to fast, it kills your metabolism), and averaging below 1000 calories every week for the whole time, I'm eating an entire thing of Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt at the end of it. Mhmm.. what an incentive. Plus, i'm really excited about getting some control back.

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Well said

From ladybretagne's review of Troy:
Archaic Ionia should not look like something modeled after medieval Europe. The walls of Troy should not have battlements in the fashion of an English castle. The internal architecture should not look like a cross between a pueblo and some sort of Aztec ruin. Achilles and Patroclus should not fight on what looks like a Classical Greek /ruin/ if this is allegedly an ancient tale in Classical Grecian times. Agamemnon should not look like a bezerker (it was the beard/hair, oy vey). Priam should not die wearing /blue and white TIEDYE/. The Myrmidons should not wear dew rags. Helen and Andromache should not be costumed exclusively in bejewelled bubble gauze like a fourteen year old at her first Ren Faire. War councils should not appear to be costumed from the remainder bin of the costume dept. of Children of Dune. The big ass statue of Apollo in front of the temple in Troy should not look like a squatting Indian Buddha. Where the fuck did all that wood for the bazillion funeral pyres COME FROM in the middle of a damn beach in front of a walled city? There should not be visible block and tackle assemblies on all the Greek ships when the Romans invented those several /thousand/ years later. I'm going to stop now, but you get the idea.

ETA: One more thing. The poor boys should not have to wander around in ugly batik belly shirts and Hammer pants when not in armour. That's just cruel.
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