May 15th, 2004

Dissent - Jefferson

Plants and Plant Death

All the volunteers at the library got Forget-me-not flower seeds in appreciation. In most cases that’s good but I happen to be a bad plant-mommy. My plants don’t only die; they shrivel up and attempt to hide under the soil away from me. The soil recedes with an “Every Man for Himself” mindset and the pots crack under the pressure.

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Question abut Metaquotes

I've got a quote of the day script that posts to my journal every morning at 5:25 AM. 20% or so of the quotes in my big file o' quotes are from other LiveJournal users. Should I modify that script so that the quotes that came from LJ automagically get crossposted here as well? Or should I stick to manually reposting the very cleverest, or just figure that since they've already been pointed out in my journal I don't need to repost them again?

And just so that I'm not posting to this community without a quote, here's one from juuro, 2004-05-14, about being irritable in reaction to stupidity: "Note to self: avoid biting off more heads. They are crunchy and toothsome, but the process is a bit messy and not nice to clean up."


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recommendation, in response to the really great drama, here.

"i have a question:

can i give my slashfiction DIRECTLY TO john kerry, and those people who run, or would i be breaking the law?

im just wondering because i wrote this really rockin' slash with john kerry and the people who run in it. they all get it on, and then they become otherkin. i really want to give it to them, but i don't want to break the law, so do you think that'd be okay?"

by nanouk:

'Hey, do I know you? I'm sure I've seen you somewhere...'
'Of course, I was Brad Pitt's legs in Troy! Or, you might recognize me as Uma Thurman's feet in Kill Bill...or as Russel Crowe's butt...that was my first job!'
'Oh? and what movie are you working on lately?'
'Well, you must have noticed that Pitt has put on weight... so I was ready to be his stomach double in his next movie. You'd thought he would've liked me to work with him as we really bonded, wearing skirts together and all, but now he's a bit jealous. Girls all over the world are ogling MY thighs and drooling at the sight...'

in comments to this post. [Troy spoilers inside]
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how do they rise

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greekhoop reflects on Troy:

I think my favorite part was walking out of the theater and listening to everyone mutter about everything that got changed. Especially because some people weren't very good at it.

"You know, I have it on good authority that there were GODS in that story."

"You know, in the version I read EVERYBODY died. Every. Single. Person. And then the sun exploded."

"Hey! What happened to the fight between Achilles and Predator?!"
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Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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Molly is a cranky tortie, probably 7-8 years old, that we got in 1999. She'd been starving on the streets and, unlike most cats, has no set point that tells her when she's full. She will eat and eat and eat until she explodes. We know, she's come close. Her nickname, "Molly the Hutt," is very fitting.

So in the kitchen we have these huge plastic bins that we keep all our different animal kibble in. Great system, but Molly kept managing to get inside them and eat to her heart's content. Yesterday Spouse bought these huge bracket things to clamp the tops down, but all night I heard her rustling in there and was sure she'd broken through. Today there are huge scratches in the plastic -- they look like the jagged scratches on the plane in that scary episode of The Twilight Zone, you know the one? Anyway, we're now considering metal strongboxes. I figure she could probably work a tumbler lock if pushed, but I'm resisting the biometric security system because I fear she'd pluck out our eyeballs in the middle of the night and use them to bust in.

-- lilithilien

Heh. Niiiice.

From niennah's locked post:

A friend of ___'s (one of the guys I was having drinks with last night) was staying in this really top hotel in Dublin. He went up to his room pretty late that night to go to bed. Only he can't sleep, because from next door he can hear, "Oh, take me up the ass! Fuck me as hard as you can, big boy!" and so on in this vein. He is amused, as guys can be, but tires of it going on for hours.

The next morning he was checking out and the receptionist says, "How was your stay?" So he said it was fine apart from the really loud sex noise he could hear from next door. And the receptionist looks up at him and says conspiratorially, "You're not the first person to complain about Miss Aguilera."

And that, apparently, is true. How very, very pleasant to have to listen to Christina Aguilera taking it up the bum all night.
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Ah, my dear friend Tala, how do I adore thee?

Beeker: Corn pone? I thought for a second you said 'corn porn'...
Me: I bet they've got calenders and everything... Damn you, now I'm going to be thinking about that all day!

They're are probably magazines, too... Penthouse meets Farmer's Quarterly type deal...
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<i>Beeker: Corn pone? I thought for a second you said 'corn porn'...
Me: I bet they've got calenders and everything... Damn you, now I'm going to be thinking about that all day!

They're are probably magazines, too... Penthouse meets Farmer's Quarterly type deal...
</i>-<lj-user="monkey_colored">, <a href="">here</a>.
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