May 14th, 2004

agent may is unimpressed

On the coolness that is being a TA

I administered the final to my students today and as a bunch of them (who took both halves of the course and had me as a TA for a year) were walking out they slipped me this note, which I shall now quote verbatim here:

"Thank you for a semester (two really) of soul-crushing criticism. We will miss you; our bruised egos will not."

Did I happen to mention that my job rocks?

Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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jayest: Why are the " and the @ symbols swapped over on the keyboards here from what I'm used to?

ereneth: The keyboard thing is a cunningly concealed foreigner trap. If caught enquiring about it, you will be detained and deported within 48 hours. Claim asylum.

jayest: Alright then. I will keep my mouth shut, and if questioned will say: @I have no idea what you're talking about.@

ihlanya (who has squirrel icons): *pees on floor laughing* Gee. I'm peeing on the floor an awful lot these days. *looks under chair* Yep. That's squirrel pee.

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krimminator, in athiesm here:
On another note...since God probably used a lamb's skin to make clothes for adam and eve, why didn't he just go ahead and make leather bomber jackets? And Jesus would have looked really badass in a black leather suit.

Come on, God...where's the creativity?

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having a migrane is like having a friend who barges into your house at one in the morning to give you a LSD/DMSO enema.

then when you wake up the next morning achy and sick, he's there all 'Man, we did some funny shit! what, you don't remember?'


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roseneko, on her Adventures... with... Spyware!:


Me: I'm bored, and I've got a pop-up blocker. *clicks the link, just to see if it's an actual site*


Me: *enters in unused address to see how much spam it gets overnight*

Website: You may have foiled us with your pop-up blocker, but it is I who shall have the last word. Mwahahahahaaa!

Me: ...crap. That doesn't sound good.

Really, the whole post is great, so... click here to read it.
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"I must confess I laughed. I was listening to the radio and every weekday around 14:30 they let people call in and suggest a song that fits with the chosen news of the day. Today's theme was, the American that was murdered (beheaded) in Iraq.

One guy, phones in and suggests..."Basement Jaxx :: Where's Your Head At".

You could hear the DJ splutter in the background. Ah, my fellow countrymen, who have the IQ of a doorknob and even less subtlety."
~ the irrepressible doortje.

And the icon makes it so much better:

Too harsh? Quite possible. Bad taste? Definitely.

Courtesy of angelbob

(from a locked entry; reposted with permission)

Essentially, people think "look how excellent this party is now. Now think how *incredibly* cool it would be if all the losers weren't here." They've each got a different idea about who the losers are, but we'll ignore that for now. Well, okay, except for that one paranoid person, the one with the low self-esteem. The one who's thinking right now that everybody knows what a loser they are. That person happens to be right and is invited only out of pity, but everybody else is liked by at least somebody at the [party].
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buffalo what

A Twofer...

Both from safti:

"I have started using the word "thinger" in place of "thing" or "thingy". My creative grammar is continuing its downward spiral."

"I need to shower and shave and maybe eat. Also, no matter what my internal nudist thinks, if I'm going outside to retrieve garbage cans, I have to get dressed first."
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posted by erikvolson in response to this.

Good. Because otherwise, an otherwise romantic evening would turn into a long night involving metal creaking, fabric tearing, people screaming, joints bending in directions they were never meant to go, desperatly attemping to dial *911, the jaws of life, at least two insurance companies, physical thearpy, and a front page post on Fark, complete with "dumbass" tag.

dancing indigo

On inconsiderate roommates

"Is the couch still acceptable to sit on.. or does it need.. ahem.. stain protection now?

::addressing roommate:: Get a room, you .. inconsiderate woman poking thing, you!

--smorewhore in a locked LJ entry [author has given permission but wishes his/her name not left here] about inconsiderate roommates...who apparently is a woman poking thing.
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