May 13th, 2004

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I've been reading Chick Tracts again. They make me giggle with their hysterical fire and brimstone ranting. In one of them, they use the following as an argument to convince a Jehovah's Witness to accept a blood transfusion:

Mark 7:15 - There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him.

So ... butt-sex for all!


Finals+Beauty and the Beast+World Domination

lizgotlost and a friend here showing just what happens when Disney's Beauty and the Beast collides with finals addled minds

Nik: And frankly? Where are the Beasts? There should be more!
Nik: Herds in fact. Single manly men who cry and dance
Liz Got Lost: I'm saying. Right on, Nik. While we boycott school, let's go in search of manly beast men who cry.
Nik: THat's it! We've found our goal!
Nik: I wonder if we can get Culvers or Bakers Square to sponsor us or something
Liz Got Lost: I think so.
Liz Got Lost: I mean, ice cream and sex and ice cream and crying sort of go hand and hand.
Nik: Exactly
Nik: They really should let us rule the world
Liz Got Lost: You and me? For sure.
Nik: Or at least a state. I don't know that I want to have to deal with the entire world, but a state is doable
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buffalo what

Profound Thoughts On The Most Recent Smallville Ep...

"The ep as a whole didn't suck me in until the end. ETA: Except for the part where Lex gets his shirt ripped off him AGAIN, because hello, breathing. That FBI storyline was the best idea ever." -- celli

"Yes. Yes it was.

This is why season three will always be one of my favourites. For it is the Season of the Bared Chests, and lo, they maketh me merry." -- serrico
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from a comment thread

if you ever wanted to sum up me and elgorgo in one comment thread here it is

elgorgo: i *** kill people who make body-movement emoticons in chat, i kill them by stabbing them in the *** face!!!!!

vurumai: did i do that or are you talking about Tracy and her wiggling? also dont stab people in the face. it is not nice

elgorgo: "society" and its "rules"

First Post Madness

Of course, when I get retards on the phone that are like this (actual call):

Me: Okay, what version of Windows do you have?
Retard: Uh, ok, let me ask. *running around, chatting in the background for 30 seconds, LOUD mutated baby screech*
Retard: Microsoft.

Ever lovingly taken from _kita_
Dissent - Jefferson

First Metaquoting Post

"Heavens to murgatroyd, I just saw a mosquito the size of a Subaru Legacy stationwagon.

If that thing attached itself to me, I would not walk away from the encounter. You would find my dehydrated corpse in a little pile on the floor the next morning. That bloody mosquito roamed with the dinosaurs, and we all know what happened to them."

-quirkybird from this entry.
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While I was driving back to work yesterday from my lunch break, I saw a very LARGE brid swoop down towards me truck. I had to swerve to miss it. Turns out, it was a large vulture circling the building... which makes me wonder: Is our company almost dead?

- branman1975
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Hopefully not a repost

scarletdemon and thoughts on raising boys:

Always encourage boys to have lots of friends and always make them feel welcome in your home. Mothers should remember that the scrawny, spotty little boys he hangs out with at your place today...are going to be horny, well-hung, eighteen year old, six-footers in ten years time. And they're going to be sleeping-over in your house, on the sofa, slightly drunk. Hell yeah.

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[Some context is needed; in the free_palestine community lately, a number of right-wing Zionist folks have been joining and being rather argumentative. The main thread is here, with the more interesting commentary beginning here.]

gillen weighs in:

"It was unoccupied!"

"There's no such thing as native free_palestine-ians, just a bunch of nomadic LJ-ers from crossingjordan!"

"Those free_palestine-ians weren't doing anything with their community anyway, but look what we've made of it!"
how do they rise

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The latest spam to hit my inbox:

"As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I believe everyone will die someday. My name is Kudzu salami, a merchant in Dubai..."

Yes, Mr. Salami, I
will certainly hand you the keys to my savings account. But before I do, may I speak to your uncle, Wisteria Pastrami, and your nephew Prophlyactic Brisket?

Kudzu Salami. Come
on, people.

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don't let velveeta shells 'n' cheese fool you. the cheese sauce is mysteriously difficult to duplicate. i guess i was missing the unnatural food-like flavor only box-aging can provide.

- serendipite, commenting on food cravings

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As the bunny was snapping up her pajamas tonight, she told me, "Gotta make sure I have belly accident, Mama." Then she looked at me, like she knew something was a little off. "I mean, belly access," she amended, and then cackled at her mistake.

(I should point out here that she likes to rub her belly button before she falls asleep or when she's stressed. Go figure.)

So we put her to bed, and then went downstairs to watch the news channels.

"You know," the boy told me. "I know he's under a lot more pressure than she is right now. But I thinks most of the time, she speaks a lot more clearly than George Bush."

And he's right.


(And 'the bunny' is her three-year-old daughter, in case you didn't catch that.)
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