May 12th, 2004

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nanouk on plot bunnies:

"Actually, several of these biting and raving beasties (yeah, I imagine my plot bunnies with myxomatosis, so what? every bunny can't be fluffy and cuddly!) are running around like mad in my maze-like mind. I usually get a lot of fanfiction bunnies and I've learned to deal with them but now I'm getting Original bunnies. They're bigger and scarier, and they're trying to eat or jump the fanfiction ones...I swear it's turning into a very messy cannibal plot bunny orgy!"


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I don't get it either

xochiquetzl is confused by people who ask permission to link to her website:
See, back in the olden days, we used to have to use tin cans and string to post online and would have to push the electrons uphill both ways--manually!--and you just linked to stuff and if people didn't like it, you told them to bite you because it's YOUR page and you'll link to anything you damn well please, and maybe you'd insult their parentage and use some four letter words while you were at it. ;) Okay, sometimes if you felt benevolent, you'd decide you didn't want to link to their stinky page anyway because they're obviously poopyheads, but only if you were really, really nice. ;) In fact, a personal webpage just wasn't a personal webpage without the obligatory links page. And generally, when you linked to someone, people were flattered that you thought their page was cool enough to link. So when I see a page with some really aggressive, "You may not link to this page unless you grovel at my feet and give me cash, and if I catch you I will hunt you down and demand you remove your link and all civilized net.society will scorn you forever, heathen!!!" I wonder what the fuck is up with that and who whizzed in that newbie's cornflakes this morning. ;)
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syonakeleste takes a break from jobsearching to write the (literal) resume from hell:

1994-1995--Ghoul, Our Mother of Eternal Frustration Cemetery, 6000 Prickly Street, Cuckolder, NY 12354. Frightened old ladies visiting graves to cardiac arrest, thereby increasing sales by 14% in first 3 months. Supped on flesh of unwary drunkards, instilled shock of mortality upon youth, gouged out eyes of lovers, answered phone.

You want to read the whole post.
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Taken from sarahtales (again).

MAYA: I like aristocratic British boys. I think I shall marry a graduate from Eton and Cambridge.
DAD: But gay affairs are compulsory at Eton.
MAYA: I am sure it is not in the rules.
DAD: It's like the Navy, it's understood. Three days out of port and after the tuck box runs empty...
MAYA: You are to give me lots of money for lunch now.
DAD: Is this lots of money actually because you want to buy piles of sweets, or because you're fining me for traumatising you?
MAYA: Trauma.
DAD: Good, 'cause I wouldn't want to think we'd like, given you an eating disorder.
MAYA: More money. So much trauma. Cannot cope.
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There's a lot of political stuff happening that the moment that makes me fucking furious. Anyone who knows me knows what, anyone who doesn't wouldn't care and I can't be arsed typing up here opinions which other people have put better and also, I really am about that the stage of "Holy fuck they're all crazy! I. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT!" which is incredibly boring for everyone. Until they start laughing at my random stopping in the street, flinging my arms out -fairly frequently taking out little old ladies - and yelling "I JUST DON'T GET IT!!"

Most of the time that's actually my response to many social issues. Yup that's me, the advocate of the random face-slapping street-yelling approach to dealing with social issues. And it hasn't gotten me locked up yet.

Many years ago, my brother came up with the "Slap Down Day" concept. It was that there was one day, somewhat completely unlike Mother's Day or Rememberance Day, when you can walk up to anyone and just slap'em. No reason. Just do what you've been wanting to do. Aside from the fact that I would get slapped a lot ("") I think it would be lovely. The opportunity to slap certain people.... Mmmm.

-- pollymel

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abz6598: You're gonna get this job, and then I'm going to stay home all day and be a house husband.
kitiara: You do know that being a house husband means you have to do dishes, fold laundry, dust, and stuff like that every day, right?
abz6598: I'm going to be a very *bad* house husband. I'll be the Peg Bundy of house husbands.

..........snagged from kitiara's journal, here
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Are you sure?

Am I sure? Well, yeah, pretty much. I mean, I could be wrong, I could be some kind of stealth lesbian, or sleeper agent lesbian, and one day, in 5 years I'll get a phone call telling me that my library book is ready to pick up, and BAM! Instant lesbian. Except probably not.

--weredonut, on being asked to confirm her sexual orientation, here
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From the immortal jennyo

God damn, yo. You say you want a revolution, and then people start whining that people are trading political donations for some fanfic porn. Revolutions tend to be a lot less polite than *that*, you know.
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"I think this is what's known in Britain as V-E day (Victory in Europe). I think it's a good example of that wonderful British semi-detachment: we agree it was victory in Europe, but decline to commit on whether *we* are part of Europe. It would be a bit, you know, emotional, to actually celebrate - just because we had to sort out a load of bickering continentals *again* shouldn't be understood to imply that we actually *care*."

--sageofgodalming, in reply to my entry about the end of WW2, here.
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Last night I dreamed about stolen corpses and newspapers printed on teeth.

Part of Webshots' gemini horoscope today: "Your dreams offer clues to the future."

::is horrified:: I bloody well hope not!!!

~ starandrea
Sumer is icumen in

Begin, Muse, when it became apparent something here was really wrong...

strange_selkie channels Homer in order to take on Troy:

The classicist, willow-eyed, teller of stories, said
"You're not going to like this,
ototoi. The long-
haired Akhaians are all hetero, my dear."
...But there were pretty boys in plenty, and Brad Pitt --
How could it be that poor Patroklos was not shagged?
Bored Akhilles, sulking before the well-benched ships,
spent his days screwing Patroklos through the mattress --
I'd swear on my gleaming pelt, it's in the text.

See the rest of the brilliance here.
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from ponderwit, with permission

How you know this has worked:
You will feel like God's own sphincter had opened up in the middle of your chest and disgorged all your organs - heart, lungs, liver, intestines, whatever. When you think that you've learned what hollowness is, he places that black hole that is your own self-loathing, self-deprecating judgmental fallacies inside your thoraxic cavity and then you implode upon the epiphany that you are so revolting that even the avatar of your mind and spirit reviles you.