May 10th, 2004

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"Some things can't be fixed."

By happydog in note_to_cat:
Yes, I realize that it was a fun toy while it lasted. And I see the sadness in your four little eyes as you look at me beseechingly, mewing as if to say, "Make it go again! make it go!"

Unfortunately, there is no way to wind up a roach. He can't be fixed. He's completely broken. Being whacked around the floor by a 14-lb cat and a 10-lb cat caused him to severely malfunction, and there was a complete systems crash. This is why I must pick him up in a paper towel and throw him in the garbage.

That being said, you certainly have my permission to play, and play hard, with any more evil giant roaches that come into the house unobserved by me.

Body butter is not a food group.

One of darkillusion's friends is a little confused:

"Our Body Butters are the most amazing moisturizers in the world. They melt right into your skin. Besides rich and highly moisturizing Community Traded shea and cocoa butter, each Body Butter has a unique fruit or nut extract to benefit the skin and provide a delicious fragrance. The formulations all feel and smell slightly different, benefiting many different skin types. The perfect finale to a deeply indulgent, smoothing and satisfying skin work-out."

As taken from here.


This is a PSA for my flist, just in case another one of my friends thinks it's food. Please remind me to never buy anyone anything toxic. Ever. Just to be safe. *headdesk*"

From a locked post, with permission.
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" Okay, today on 'I'm not making this shit up Theater' (which translates to 'Work' for most people):

Someone commented on the fact that yesterday, the Mother of the Osmond family passed away. Granted, that is kinda sad; death always is.

Person at work: Wait, is that the mother of the crazy one? Ozzy Osmond?

She, of course, said this while I was drinking soda. It's a miracle I didn't choke to death.

Now Listen Here You


Stop reposting the Mikya quote about XOXOSimon. It's disgusting, it's vicious, it's childish, and it's not funny in the slightest. In fact, legally, I do believe it's considered libel. This is my first and only warning. Further reposts will be considering trolling and shall be dealt with appropriately. >.< Jeez, you people. Act like adults. Much as I love FandomWank, I'm tired of seeing us wind up there.
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posted by mishakal in liberal:

god you know. i really just can't articulate how i feel about it all anymore.

with this whole iraq thing, what it really comes down to is that the people of iraq are suffering and very angry. they wanted freedom and they almost thought they had it.. and it seems that reality for them is falling apart.. again. isn't that what's important? this war has failed.. no matter how the right tries to justify it, they have traumatized and brutalized a nation. humans! despite their best offerings of democracy.. peace.. whatever.. the people of iraq are not being freed from oppression, now they live in deeper turmoil, more fear. shouldn't that be enough to stop this horrible bloodshed? they've been completely let down not once but twice by the western world.. and i'm so angry.. because i know that this doesn't represent what anyone wanted. best intentions.. cannot change the past. best intentions won't heal these all too familiar wounds for the iraqis who are growing up in this chaos or in sudan, afghanistan or anywhere else there are suffering hearts. all they have known is chaos. how can anyone who lives in a peaceful country understand that. there are better ways to help than drop bombs or shoot people.

what a legacy for the history books. what is the solution to this?? is there one?

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schiarire strikes again:
Dear self,
You're the grasshopper. You're always the grasshopper. You're being the grasshopper right now.
Why do you always have to be the grasshopper? Why can't you ever be the ant?
No love,
PS Aesop hates you now. Bitch.
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