May 9th, 2004

non-fandom: winter time
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google image search, you've failed me. spectacularly.

i wanted to find pictures of home movies, that cute show with the funky little theme song about the kid who makes crazy movies with his friends.

instead i got porn.

rest assured typing "home movies adult swim" did not make things better.


"home movies swim" got me some good pictures though. i wish i hadn't had to be traumatized first.

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College Carols?

"Finals, Finals time is here.
Time for stress and time for beer (or fear).
I don't know if I can last.
Hurry, Summer. Hurry fast.

More verses as I think of them.


Now I want to see a video of the Chipmunks cramming and kegging [root beer for the children !!!oneoneone]
and there is death

I sympathise.

Dear spam,
I don't want a rock hard erection. I don't have a penis, I don't want a penis, and I don't particularly like penises. And if I did have, want, or like one of them, I would not want it to resemble a rock. Rocks are some of the least sexy things I have ever seen. The prospect of possessing or being possessed by (in the Shakespearean sense, of course) a rock penis is even less appealing than having or being had by an ordinary one.
Thank you for your concern,
PS "leathery" is another distinctly unappealing adjective. Also, I do not need to "go from no no no to yes yes yes" or become "aloft."
PPS Please do not attempt to convince me that "lesbians want [my] hard cock." You are wrong.

- upsilamba
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dancing indigo

Awww, Poor Mr. President

"How bad is it that I saw the headline, "More bad news may be on the way for Bush" in Yahoo News and was sad after I clicked on it that the first sentence wasn't, "President Bush is in a bit of dire straights today after the revelation that there isn't a Santa Claus."?"


I loveses the mices, they are precious. Yes.
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Flame war quotage

x3_fade: whatever just give me ur opinion...

alligatorandme: Ur was an ancient city in Mesopotamia.

Oh wait, that’s a fact, not an opinion. Not that you were listening to those, either.

talissarocsham: I think Ur must have been quite a tiresome place to live. The climate doesn’t seem very pleasant, and wars seemed very common.

There, that’s my Ur opinion ;-)

A precious thread here at the amusingly volatile broadway community.
shy violet.

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later on, i was driving my grandma home and she asked if john was my "STEADY BOYFRIEND" and so i explained to her that he was just a good friend. she was pretty drunk, so then she started talking to me about how she dated my grandfather for ten years before they got married, but she was STILL a virgin when they got married. she thinks things would be much better for our generation if we did things that way too. then she started talking about the dr. phil show and something about oral sex, and said something like, "i wouldn't even have known what that was, much less have done it!" and i just teleported the hearing part of myself to a faraway land. a faraway land where they KEEP THE SCOTCH AWAY FROM GRANDMA.

-so_gracefully here