May 7th, 2004

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Yeah, and today, Pretty Upstairs Boy walked past a bazillion times while I was sitting right by the window and he was LOOKING THE OTHER WAY. I am thinking about getting flashing neon lights set up and dancing the Can-Can to get his attention, although I fear that it will be the wrong sort of attention. And, knowing me, I'd get electrocuted and melted into my tights. :|

-- ewacat
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I will never, ever get why some people don't like politics. I am watching, off and on, the hearings about the prisoner abuse in Iraq, and it's better than the fucking superbowl. Between McCain pounding Rumsfeld in the ass and Sessions sucking Rumsfeld's cock, this is more fun than a night of pushing retarded people in wheelchairs down flights of stairs.

--a_hollow_year has fun.
Didrik window


"Refresh your friends list and reply to the 3rd entry from the top with the phrase “In the Butt.” no matter what the content of the original entry."

Funny meme started by Unknown but I saw it in daliahellyes's livejournal.

(it's still technically a quote)

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See, when you are a parent, up until a certain age you are allowed to lie to your children. And they believe you.....Best to tell them about things like "Republicans" while they are still young enough to take you at your word.

-From a locked post by boniblithe, quoted with permission.